• Blood Donation at Shimla by Youth (2).

  • Health worker taking details of Volunteers donating blood in Chakan, Maharashtra (2).

  • Localites volunteered in Blood donation Camp at Pathardi in Maharashtra (2).

  • Locals Donors in Blood Donation Camp at shimla (2).

  • Swami Vallabhanand coordinating Mega Blood Donation Camp(2011) in Shevgaon village, Maharashtra.

  • Women volunteered to donate blood as a service to society, Chakan, Maharashtra (2).

The fuel of human body – human blood, as they call it serves as a vital component in anyone’s life. Recurring diseases and bodily fallouts cause deterioration of blood count or certain blood infections and accidents, mishaps and physical violence create heavy blood loss in human body. In all such cases blood banks pave for restoration of the lost blood. At this point Aarogya pitches in to sensitize and motivate people in institutes or in corporate houses, organizations and govt. offices to come forward and donate blood for the cause of wellness in the society. DJJS under the banner of Aarogya therefore ropes in authorized hospitals and doctors and organizes blood donation camps to serve the underprivileged in need.