• Blood sugar test in maternal and child health camp in Maharashtra (2).

  • Doctor attending children in Health Camp organized for women and child in Pathardi on 26 December 2009 (2).

  • Doctor attending patients in health camp for women and child held in Pathardi (2).

  • Honouring doctors in Women and Child Healthcare Camp in Pathardi, Maharastra (2).

  • Patients lined up for blood test and BP checkup (2).

  • Women and Child Health checkup Camp in Pathardi, Maharastra (3).

  • Women and Child Health checkup Camp in Pathardi, Maharastra (4).

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, of 536,000 maternal deaths occurring globally each year, 136,000 take place in India. Demographic diversity and socio cultural vastness makes it more difficult to bring about a unanimous facility of provision of maternal health services to women especially in rural and underserved area. DJJS plays a significant role in establishing linkages amongst community women and modern health care facilities through its holistic health program – Aarogya’s maternal health and child care camps. Aiming to contribute in decreasing the mother and child morbidity rate, dedicated women volunteers of DJJS provide their assistance and services in these communities along with the gynecologists.