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About Us

The name “Antardrishti” is derived from its Hindi meaning of “inner vision”, the insights of seers who go in to the search of truth. While focusing on doing well for those who are deficient at the body level, Antardrishti achieves profound results by substantially serving the differently-abled through this unique initiative.

Our Activities

Candle making ( 78% )

Soap ( 85% )

Handicraft ( 55% )

Bakery ( 67% )


How it Works

Antardrishti is a unique platform that utilizes a holistic four-pronged approach which provides unparalleled stability and profound results in the quest of providing welfare for the differently-abled. Each of these vertices is imperative towards the success and sustainability which enables perfect social mainstreaming of the differently-abled.

Spiritual Foundation

The spiritual foundation at Antardrishti is based on the time-tested knowledge of Brahm Gyan, the science of which has been handed down through the ages by sages to seekers. This unique knowledge helps create a conducive mind-frame for further development that is required during the mainstreaming process of an individual.

Skill Development

Antardrishti encourages creation of hygiene factors that help instigate individual desire to develop skills within an individual. We necessitate independent living and urge people with disabilities to lead independent lives.

Societal Inclusion

The spiritual empowerment and training in life skills, hard skills and soft skills helps develop the independent characters of the beneficiaries. Through self realization, they connect better with the responsibilities of life, and understand the need of making best use of available opportunities before them.

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From darkness to light

“The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.”

– Bible

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Close your eyes to see my world

Our Products

The Antardrishti initiative has a vision to mainstream people with disabilities into society by providing them with sound spiritual foundation, vocational and extra-curricular skills and employment opportunities that help in holistic character building. In order to achieve these objectives various kinds of products are manufactured by the beneficiaries and sold under this program.


Give them a chance, and they will create flames that will brighten the world around you. Candles by Antardrishti are proof and example.

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The Antardrishti bathing bars are handmade organic soaps rich in glycerine content and infused with aromatic fragrances and skin-soothing ingredients.

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Workers at Antardrishti, despite being handicapped, feed themselves, support the livelihood of their families and bake delicious cookies for you.

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It is unbelievably true how tasks such as threading a needle, which seem delicate for ones with eyes, can be managed through training and skill development of these individuals.

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Some products we’ve made!

We’ll keep you posted. Join hands.

Contact Details

Want to know more about Antardrishti? Learn about how we work, our products and how we can work together. Hear and learn from our experiences. Call us for an appointment.

New Delhi

K-2 Udyog Nagar, Peeragarhi, New Delhi 110041

+(91) 98106.77.00.2

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