There is a common jargon amongst youth when it comes to experimenting with drugs out of curiosity – JUST TRY ONCE! However, there are 80% chances that people who experiment with drugs do become intensive drug users and develop serious drug-related health problems. Addiction is not an event which can be predicted rather it is a subtle process which enslaves one's mind that may not be apparent at the outset. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent even the first use of drugs especially the ones which are easy gateways such as tobacco, alcohol and beer. Someone has very rightly quoted "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Bodh – the Drug Abuse Eradication Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is working incessantly on prevention of drug abuse especially amongst the youth incorporating plethora of information education and communication tools like rallys, street theater, road shows and training and capacity building workshops. Moreover, endorsing stringently the concept of prevention also reduces nation's financial burden of expensive treatments that go behind drug de-addiction.

Where the term ‘habit’ finds connection with one’s physical dependence on a substance or drug; the very word ‘addiction’ creating compulsive obsession in the mind relates to the individual’s psychological dependence over the same. The WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Abuse therefore replaced both with ‘dependence’ in 1964. Drug dependence means that a person needs a drug to function normally. The gamut of dependence encircles the phenomenon of use, abuse, misuse, tolerance and addiction finally creating a dependent out of a user.The drug demand is placed by the mind and the body yearns to seek the drug not for pleasure anymore but even for physical strength. Therefore, the unseemingly rising affliction must be caught at its root – the human mind. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji possesses the divine password, to reconfigure obsessed minds, in the form of Dhyaan Therapy - a psychoanalytical spiritual science of traversing above the neurotic waves of mind and finding abode in one’s true identity – Atman, the real self. There is a usual human tendency of moving on to something better. Neurologists use the same philosophy to de-addict an abuser or a dependent by engaging him/her in other activities. Ironically, on the basis of the same philosophy the craving returns after severe withdrawals and the dependence continues. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, “Only through spirituality can the mental obsession be totally cured and relapses prevented; as the Atman (the real self) is the utmost higher level of human existence where, when one reaches, there is no falling down”. By bestowing the science of awakening the Atman by Dhyaan Therapy, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji is cutting asunder the very root of addiction.


Drug Abuse impacts individual, family as well as the society at large. At the individual level it shackles one in a grip of physical sickness, mental illness and even death. It also finds a direct linkage to major fatal diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and HIV/AIDS. The suffering doesn’t limit itself to the abuser but affects abuser’s family and the community in various forms such as lost earnings, child abuse, violence against women, drugged driving and crime. Despite hundreds of trillions of money spent globally to curb the problem of drug abuse in the last 10 years the price of drugs has gone down,  the purity of drugs has gone up, the usage of drugs has remained unaffected. Furthermore, the treatment process also shows a low success rate over the world. Therefore, identifying the root cause of addiction not at the physical but mental level, we work through a unique psychoanalytical tool – “Dhyan Therapy” to overpower the obsessed mental faculty and fetch permanent solution. 








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