Counselling session and parent teacher meeting

November 23, 2017

Teachers have an immense role in the lives of students as well as their parents. One such role is of providing guidance, awareness and counselling the ignited minds.  This not only promotes student discipline but also prevents them from entering a vicious circle of wrongful deeds.

It is rightly said that teachers are like candles who enlighten the dark lives of their students through proper and time to time advice.

Taking this idea forward, Shakurpur and Mangolpuri Manthan SVK centres conducted counselling sessions with parents of Manthanites on 12th November 2017 and 28th September 2017 respectively from 12pm to 4:30pm. In Shakurpur centre, Mrs.Uma Narayan ji (Counsellor and Life skill expert) focussed on the issues of hygiene, behavioural etiquettes, drug addiction and cyber-crime. The main concern was to make the parents as well as students aware of the pros and cons of such social matters. She also addressed the senior class students regarding education and time management and gave tips on the same. In Mangolpuri centre, beginning with Rithala SVK and followed by Mangolpuri, Mrs.Uma ji discussed the importance of being healthy and living in an aseptic environment. She further motivated parents to send their wards regularly to the centre on time. Towards the end, a Q-A session followed both the forums where a few parents came forward to discuss their issues and seek solutions to their problems. Moreover, she undertook one to one interaction and personal discussion with few of them. The session was attended by 58 students and 54 parents (Shakurpur) and 25 students and 10 parents (Mangolpuri) deeming it to be quite helpful and informative. After the sessions, the teachers held parent - teacher meetings to give report on each student highlighting his/her strengths and weaknesses with a motive to make their parents aware of their child’s problems.

The parents and students were elated and satisfied with the sessions and look forward to such platforms where their problems can be addressed and solved