Counselling Sessions @ Manthan-SVKs in helping children to help themselves and grow

April 10, 2016

Present social scenario has resulted in an increased need and demand for professional support. A counselor is always there for students who are going through a difficult time or just need advice and support. A few words from a helpful counselor can profoundly impact a student’s life by improving their outlook on school, family, and the future.

Therefore, MANTHAN-SVK as its’ name says; “The Holistic Education Program” which focus upon overall development be it ‘Physical-Mental-Cognitive-Spiritual’. So, keeping in mind the child's mental well-being and promoting healthy development; Manthan held a series of full day counselling workshops at its three Sampoorna Vikas Kendras i.e. SVK-Rithala (13 March 2016), SVK-Vikaspuri (20 March 2016) and SVK-Patel Nagar (01 April 2016) with support of Mrs. Uma Narayanan Ji, professional counsellor and Life skills trainer. 

Since, Parents and Teachers are the main influencers present in the immediate surroundings of the child so their counselling was equally essential. Hence, counselling sessions were taken for parents, teachers and students at both; group level and at individual level. 

Students learnt a lot in group session as they got to know some easy tips/remedies for their daily lifestyles. Most of them noted simple cooking recipes to replace junk in their diet, pledged to maintain hygiene, simple strategies to deal with varied emotions, time management etc.

Parents initially burst out with their problems and later found solutions together in with fun, developed respect for their work, learnt simple low-cost nutritious recipes, discussion to break gender stereotype thinking, few beauty tips for mothers.

In session with teachers, teachers were informed about different learning personalities of students and inculcating the thirst for learning in students, significance of listening to students, enhancing one’s skill as teachers. 

The individual cases were also discussed at each center with students, parents and teachers.