Cultural Exposure of Rural India- An excursion for Manthanite

November 20, 2017

12th October, 2017 can rightly be christened as a cultural boom for the Manthanites. 20 students from Manthan SVK Gopal Nagar centre of Ludhiana, Punjab, visited the cultural fest “Saras Mela”organised by the Ministry of Rural Development, Ludhiana and experienced the taste of all the cultural flavours of India.

They got an exposure of the ancient rural art and cultural richness of India which is broadly missing in today's modern world. They learnt about the scientific significance of the artifacts, and also got to know the environment friendly usage of the same. From brass objects, to handicrafts, to kutcha hutments from different parts of India, to witnessing big mannequins of sculptures, to endorsing through different traditional wooden utensils - Manthanites saw and observed all with great pleasure and learning enthusiasm.