Distribution of vegetable seeds to the Village of Lakshminiya, State of Bihar

March 28, 2015

Under the Village Improvement Program (VIP), 70 women of the village of Lakshminiya were provided vegetable seeds by DJJS in partnership with WEIF and funded by Luke Four Foundation on March 25, 2015.  Three different varieties of seeds namely Jheenga (Ridge Gourd), Kaddu (pumpkin palak) and Kadima (Indian Pumpkin or Squash) were distributed by Project Manager Ajeet Kumar and Assistant Vijay.  The team provided training on the cultivation of the seeds including preparing the land.   The team will also train the women in marketing of their products, set up of savings accounts and setup of self-help groups.

The aim of the VIP is to prevent migration, ensure that their children attend school regularly and create sustainability for the women and their families.