Diwali celebration saga continues with Bihar SVK

October 22, 2014

While it has already been a delightful experience for Manthanites in Delhi to enjoy Diwali celebration, this occasion also brought smile to Manthanites at Padampur Sampoorn Vikas Kendra (SVK) in Bihar.

In a grand function held on October 22, 2014, students were all set to enthuse the audience with their ultimate performances. With the first time opportunity to perform on stage, they were seen handling their stage fear with confidence and hence, lived upto the expectations of their teachers and parents. Parents were also curious to see their children performing on stage with utmost happiness. This preparation was the fruit of the hard work of teachers and students who were engaged for more than a week to make this event a successful happening.

All the four Manthan-SVKs in Bihar are enormously involved in their effort to educate the under-privileged children whose families can't even fulfill their basic needs. Along with academics, these SVKs strive towards making students aware as well as confident in their approach. The path has just started for Manthanites in Bihar, but it would soon culminate in the dawn of their bright future.