Emotional Literacy Workshop for [email protected] PitneyBowes

September 19, 2018

They said “educating the mind without educating the heart really wasn’t educating anyone at all.”

Literacy serves as a tool for personal empowerment and social development. But imparting merely education is not enough for the overall development of an individual. Beyond reading and writing, it also includes emotional literacy. Emotional literacy involves having self-awareness and recognition of one’s own feelings and knowing how to manage them. It has been said that emotionally literate people are able to empathise and cooperate with other people that results in their social and economic success. Thus children must be taught to identify and regulate their emotions as a child begins experiencing emotions like happiness, sadness, fear and anger at the age of 3 months. In this regard, Manthan- Sampoorna Vikas Kendra (a social initiative of DJJS), that aimed to impart basic education to the underprivileged children and has been working towards this for many years, was invited for a workshop based on “emotional literacy” organised by PitneyBowes, a global technology company.

Manthan’s first and foremost priority is the overall development a child whether it is mental, physical, spiritual or emotional as well. In order to attain its goal, twenty students from Shakurpur and Faridabad branch of Manthan-SVK were made to attend the workshop. Ms. Lata, who is an internationally certified life coach, conducted several activities based on emotional literacy like she asked the students to write various types of emotions on a paper. Through this activity she wanted the students to recognise different kinds of emotions that everyone confronts throughout their life. In the next activity, students were asked to pick up emotional cards randomly and then share their experience based on that emotion. In this way she explained how some invalid emotions could lead to destruction and the way through which we can convert these destructive emotional reactions into constructive relationships. She tried to develop emotional literacy among the students so that they have a recognition of their emotions in order to know how to behave, mature and ultimately be happy. This is helpful to develop good communication skills and the enhancement of their relationship with other people.

Overall the workshop was creative cum productive. The students enjoyed themselves and got to know how to recognise and adapt to the feelings of other people, while at the same time, learnt how to manage and express one’s own expression. They also learnt to be empathetic as empathy has almost been disappeared in this era.

We appreciate the efforts of the corporates supporting Manthan SVK in its endeavours.