English Communication Workshop for Manthan SVK teachers by LeapForWord

September 28, 2015

LeapforWord (LFW) conducted a grammar workshop for 26 teachers and staff of Manthan SVK, Bihar on 15th to 17th September 2015. Ameya Ambulkar, from LeapForWord(LFW), Mumbai developed resources for the training and was the resource person.

The training is targeted towards in-system teachers from regional language schools. These teachers are able to read English and also comprehend to some extent, but grammar is a challenge. 

The purpose of this workshop was to enable the participants comprehend spoken and written English and structure grammatically correct sentences. At the initial stage of the workshop participants were able to understand the phonetic sounds of the language. This will be followed by word formation and grammar.

About 26 Manthan SVK, Bihar teachers and Village improvement program staff participated in the workshop. To ensure that participants get sufficient practice, more workshops spread over 2 to 3 months will be conducted by LFW.

The purpose of this training is to enable rural youth to start language learning classes in English for school going children in their community. 

The training was conducted using a flipped learning pedagogy. Concepts were learnt through self-learning (Each participant was given a mobile phone on which concept videos were played) and the trainer intervened only to clarify doubts.

This training is to enable youth who can barely read to become comfortable with reading any text by end of the day. The method used is phonics which allows for fast learning.

The trainees demonstrated visible improvement in their phonics and reading levels, but more importantly this was achieved through minimal physical intervention. The results bode well for this training to scale into more remote areas.

All participants enjoyed the workshops and requested LFW for more training in future. With WEIF’s support, LFW will partner with DJJS, Manthan SVK program in the coming years to strengthen communication in the English language for teachers and students.