Good Manners are a way for kind regards, a session for Manthanites

September 29, 2015

Life skill session series, amended at Gurgaon on 19th of September about how good manners and habits are influential in daily life. Good manners are a degree of refinement whether its in an individual, in society or in a nation, which can take our young students where mere education cannot. We being human, grasp by a process called imitation which means the way we behave and treat others our children will do the same.

Good manners are really crucial in today's  technological advancement life as everybody seems to be forgetting the essence of it. Good manners are always traded in with so much appreciation, kind regards and love from all. Good manners are absolutely free and give phenomenal rewards in everyday life by every person or society.

Moreover a power point presentation was contrived for all children present in the center to clarify how simple words like 'please', 'thank you' and 'sorry' can make such a difference. General manners in school can be the foundation of students for their bright future not only for their schooling years but even after.

Furthermore, students at SVK Manthan also inculcated that good manners are not born with a person but are naturally developed over a period of time with great care and are nurtured by their teachers, parents and their surroundings. During this session it was untangled that the best time for these manners and habits to be modified in a person is early childhood years.