Life Skills Session Organised for Lurking Testophobia

September 25, 2015

 A life skill session was assembled in Manthan SVK, Shakurpur on 11th of September for students fearing from testophobia commonly known as fear for exams. In today's date over 50% of students suffer from these kind of anxiety related fears and is harming the youth by creating more health and mental pressure due to escalating competition between them. During this session an idea of being able to suppress these kind of feelings and fears was depicted over the students.

 This noble thought was casted by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti by ample amount of examples about real exams and fun loving games.  She explained that exams are always awaited with a mixed feeling, fear of facing a hard exam and consolation after they are over. These fears become a valid barrier in their performance especially during exam time.

 Moreover an endeavour was made for students to learn and understand to get rid off the fear and anxiety at the time of their exams. Scientific research shows the major symptoms in body, mind and changes that occur in physical, mental and emotional level because of anxiety created by these exams and methods to devour these fears.

 Furthermore the sole purpose of demolishing this existing weakness was intensified by Power Point Presentation, fun activities to simplify the negative outcome of testophobia. Students thoroughly enjoyed and learnt the bad aspects of exam phobia, by sharing thoughts and many more amusing activities.