September 19, 2018

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

To inculcate these qualities in the students of Manthan SVK, a LIFE SKILL Session was conducted by Sadhvi Aneesha Bharti Ji at the Rithala centre on 11th September 2018. The motive of the workshop was to make the students realise the significance of manners and etiquettes in life and how it helps in the personality development.

The workshop included hygiene manners, social etiquettes and behavioural attributes. The session was made interactive by using video, lectures and presentations. The students were explained about personal hygiene like washing hands and to cut the nails on time. To make students understand the social etiquettes, paper plates were used as a demonstration to always remember to cover the mouth while sneezing. As a part of social life, students were taught to remember to return things that were borrowed from others. Students learnt that body language expresses our real identity to an individual and the way we walk and sit is an important aspect of our personality.

At the end, there was a question and answer round, in which students participated enthusiastically. In a nutshell, workshop enlightened students and was thought provoking.