Manthan Launches 'Harit Prakalp' - let's tune with nature

August 11, 2015

HARIT PRAKALAP" is a nature learning Project launched  by Manthan SVK - the holistic education program of DJJS on the pious occasion of  "GURU POORNIMA" 31 july,2015 at its18 Sampoorna Vikas Kendra operational in India. The idea is to make children learn environmental science through practical methodologies, so that understanding nature does not get confined to only books and rote learning rather the students' get in tune with the nature having hands on in plantation, seed sowing and observing the growth of plant at every stage.

On the day of launch, Manthanites sowed seeds of different vegetables and plant saplings in the demo fields or earthen pots in their respective centers.With this, the children will learn how the nature works, will observe the growth patterns and will be sensitive towards nature conservation.