Manthan SVK at Bihar distributes cow milk, ensures good health among malnourished children

March 2, 2015

When it comes to the holistic development of children at Manthan-Sampoorna Vikas Kendras (SVKs), Manthan ensures that their health is essentially taken care of, along with physical, mental and spiritual enhancement. Providing regular supplements and organizing health camps have immensely benefited Manthanites who, once oblivious to their health issues or deficiencies, are now fully aware of the hazards associated with them. 

In a significant endeavour, the SVK at Village Padampur, Saharsa, Bihar has now started providing cow milk to its 160 students. It is noteworthy that the SVK has purchased three cows of indigenous breed, sponsored by Women's Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF), Canada in January 2015.

Milk of Indian breed cow is scientifically proven to be full of nutritional value including high quality protein and therefore, it will be beneficial for building healthy mind and body of students at this growing stage. 

We appeal to our readers, come forward and help our children to ensure their good health and bright future.