Meet Your Child And Be Gratified

July 13, 2016

A day long altruistic ‘Sponsors Meet’ was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s social welfare program ‘MANTHAN SVK’, with a vision to bring the Sponsors and the Sponsored Children closer and to embolden & give a platform to the underprivileged students to unearth their hidden potential, present their unexplored skills and talents to their sponsors and guests, together with reinforcement of their lowering self-esteem.

This rendezvous brought together ‘Sponsors/God-Parents’ and ‘Students’ of FOUR Sampoorna Vikas Kendra, viz. SVK Rithala, Badli, Shakurpur and Mangolpuri.

In the beginning, Manthan extended warm welcome to all the esteemed Guests, respected Teachers, generous Sponsors and valued Parents in the welcome address and all were briefed on the importance of education, virtues of social service and Sponsors role in child’s development/nurturing.

The event started with the ‘Vedic Practice of ‘Lamp Lightening’ so as to draw the attention of audience on our Imperative cultural, rich spiritual heritage and to fill the ambience with divine positive energy, for which esteemed Chief Guests and Special Guests were invited to do the honours.

The life changing Sanskrit verses widely known as ‘Guru Ashtakam’ written by Sage Adi Guru Shankaracharya Ji, a spiritual leader of high cadre and a great philosopher of our ancient India, were sung flawlessly by the Students of Manthan SVK Badli, who memorized it in just 3 days! The audience was spell bound to listen to the apt pronunciation of Sanskrit verses sung by the divine tiny-tots on the importance of a spiritual master and divine knowledge.

A ‘Documentary’ on Manthan program grabbed the attention of onlookers that highlighted the activities undertaken by Manthan, its aim, objectives, students/teachers learning/training, testimonies by students, staff, sponsors, guests etc., challenges, participations, events, achievements and forth coming activities/projects.

The documentary was followed by National Digital Literacy Mission 'NDLM' Certificate distribution to the students of SVK Shakurpur. At Manthan program, significance and appreciation is given to the initiatives undertaken by honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi on National Digital Literacy Mission or Digital Saksharta Abhiyan to complement government’s vision to empower at least one person per household with crucial digital literacy skills by 2020 and accordingly it made arrangements for the provision to reach out to their students of 18 Manthan SVK’s. In the same league, all those students who had qualified the NDLM examinations were honoured.

Later, four SVK Shakurpur students shared their experiences on their former state of education, qualms, hang-up, fears along with life’s turnaround moments after being a part of Manthan SVK, their learnings, story of transformation, achievements and Maharaj Ji’s love & grace at all times. The testimonies were highly appreciated by the audience and bagged huge applauds.

Subsequent to the likable testimonies, was the melodious song performance ‘Ho Pawan Jahan Ki Pranwan’ by the students of SVK Rithala, who with their soft and pleasant voices in unison and meaningful lyrics stirred the souls of the audience. The whole ambience reverberated with applause, when the audience learnt that the students/kids of SVK Rithala come from Rag-pickers colony and that recently, 10-15% of these students got admission in Government school.

Next on row were the ‘Testimonies’ by the mothers of SVK Shakurpur students, for the elementary education received/trainings imparted to them by Manthan, constituting of, Mathematical calculations, English alphabets, name recognition, signature, basic banking tasks etc.. The testimonies of women studying under ‘Adult Literacy project’ of Manthan,  depicted their mental blockages, challenges, laborious efforts, immense joy, sense of satisfaction, self-worthiness, enthusiasm and the visible turnaround in their lives after joining/being a part of Manthan, also, their sincere reverence towards Sarva Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji was equally visible. Many in the audience could considerately correlate and empathize with the ladies; some sensed their joy, challenges, and odds and some were in tears seeing their upliftment & elated state. The testimonies grabbed the attention of the onlookers and on each and every face in the Hall; brimming emotions were clearly reflected/visible.

Adult Literacy Certificate distribution was another activity of this meet, since long, the inquisitive mothers of SVK Shakurpur students had the earnest desire to gain knowledge and at least learn the basic skills/education to ably carryout their day to day activities/routine tasks and earn a livelihood. This new outlook of augmenting the Literacy rate of India, providing fruitful contribution and the passion to deliver education to Adult women, gave wings to/green signal to or lead to the formation of ‘Adult Literacy project’ under Manthan. After the 3 months Adult Literacy session, the ladies who had qualified these exams were called on stage for receiving their awards from Sadhvi Asha Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Mridula Bharti Ji. The Exam Scores were also read out for encouragement. The sparkle in the eyes of each one of them displayed joy and it appeared that their long lost self-esteem was regained. It appeared that their ardor could not be stolen and energy could never be drained.

Later, a mesmerizing and thought provoking SKIT IN SANSKRIT ‘Krite Prayatne, Kim na Labhet’ was presented by the students of Manthan SVK Mangolpuri, on one of the Life’s phase of the legendarily Sanskrit Grammarian ‘Sage Panini’. The audience lost time-consciousness while seeing this spellbinding skit, implying that with sincere effort alone impossible can be achieved.

The most energetic, charming and passionate moments of the program were to show the gratitude towards their God-Parents/sponsors by gifting them a self-made/hand-made ‘THANK YOU Cards’ by their sponsored children. One after the other, the Sponsors along with the students of this SVK were invited on stage for the Thank You Card distribution ceremony.The child received hearty pamper, affection and a never ending bond, as a promissory return gift.

The Ceremony was followed by a visual presentation on the ‘Manthan-Summer Camps’, which showcased that, these highly spirited students were linked with the requisite curriculum, knowledge gaining & learning process, even during their summer vacations. The uniquely designed SUMMER CAMP’s with its interactive sessions and exclusive avenues viz. G.K Quizzes, presentations, training Sanskrit language, science experiments, Mathematical equations, storytelling, Art and craft etc. redirected the diverted energies and boredom of these kids.

Later, Mrs. Uma Narayanan, a Professional LIFE SKILL trainer and a Counselor for Manthan SVK Centres, shared her experience with Manthan and how tutoring these innocent and lovely kids/students connects her to the mother earth, brings her nearer to her own self and regrets the shortage of time.

The entire DJJS-Manthan program has been well thought of and accordingly designed for the betterment of underprivileged students and the core inspiration and the moving force behind this program/initiative is His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

The Dance performance ‘Goonj Divya Jyoti ki’ depicted the transformation in the society through the divine knowledge ‘Brahm Gyan’, for the benefit of the mankind. Briefing was also given on the ten point programs. None of the areas/aspect demanding social change were left untouched. The grand pensive vision has brought all under one roof and covered all under One Umbrella i.e. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthans-Social Welfare programs.

Lastly, for the concluding note, Sadhvi Deepa Bharti Ji, the Coordinator of Manthan SVK Program was invited on stage alongside the students who had received a minimum of a distinction in 10th standard, have got admission in Pratibha Vikas Vidhyalay and who bagged ‘MEDHAVI Chatra Vriti’, an initiative by the Government for outscores, were invited on stage to receive their respective award and recognition. Besides this, a Prayer Book was also launched by swami Narendranand Ji, Secretary DJJS, swami Tejomayananad ji and Swami Shardanand Ji.

In the end, many people came forward from the audience and showed interest to join this noble cause.

Lastly, hot and sumptuous refreshments were enjoyed by the large gathering and stalls were visited to purchase the artifacts made by the volunteers to support the cause.