Moral sessions held @Manthan-SVK centres in the month of April

April 25, 2019

Today is the best opportunity to start building the tomorrow you really want. In order to have a bright future, we need to enlighten ourselves today. To brighten that future of children that belongs to underprivileged section of the society, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan has taken this initiative called Manthan-SVK. To instill that hope and cause of bright future in these children, multiple moral sessions are held on a regular basis in Manthan-SVK centres. Many such sessions were also held in the month of April.

Sadhvi Jaiwani Bharti Ji conducted a session in Mongolpuri centre on the topic “Inner beauty”. She explained to the students that inner beauty of a person is far more important than the external looks. We need to work on beautifying our inner selves through meditation. She explained the concept using stories and activities. She also taught the students a proper way to greet their elders and pay respect to them. Sadhvi Swadha Bharti Ji conducted the session in Badli centre. She talked about the importance of moral values in our life. Moral values create a concrete basis on which our whole life is based. Children got to learn the importance of discipline in their life through various activities and stories. In Faridabad centre, Sadhvi Shikha Bharti Ji conducted such a session on topic Baisakhi and Rithala Centre Sadhvi Anamrata Bharti ji took a session on importance of hard work. In Nawada centre Sadhvi Yogdivya Bharti ji conduct a session on topic how to become good human being. Many more sessions were held in other centres as well. Children participated enthusiastically in these sessions. The students were able to relate by the inclusion of stories and activities. Such Moral sessions help the students to learn a lot and develop their future.