Swatchta Abhiyaan by young Manthanites across the nation

October 2, 2015

With a big bang again Manthanities stepped ahead in the social work initiated by the Government ''Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan''

In the scorching heat of 2nd October 2015 at 11.00 am hundreds of young and enthusiastic students of Manthan SVKs in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Bihar marched a rally in their nearby areas and their societies. With a mission to clean the streets and to teach through their act to the society by keeping the statement of Mahatama Gandhi Ji  ''Be the change you want to see''

Manthanities and their teachers along with the volunteers held the brooms in their hands and started brooming the roads, streets, parks, pavements and bus stops with such a high spirit to make it a clean and filth free. The local people and onlookers were impressed by the students  which had left such a deep impact on them that they couldn't retain themselves away from it and soon they were a part of the group to make the streets clean and said ''arey Jab Yeh kar sakte hain to hum peechey kyun rahein''.

And finally to everyone's  great astonishment, a lot many house wives also haulted their routine work and joined them in their initiative.
Would like to make you aware with one more incident which gave a deep impact during the campaign. A person of middle age near Mangolpuri, Delhi, who was watching from a distance that such small students doing this great volunteer job with no personal interest, he could not resist himself away from it and not bothered about his disability of not even walking properly, he almost snatched a broom and started with the work and did not stop his work even after the students left from there. One onlooker said that"ap log bahut acchha kam kar rahe ho, har koi ye pahal nahi kar pata",

At the end would like to get into your notice that the people at various places stated that it's a wonderful job which should be carried on further as well and this will change the mind set of people and this society.

As a final note our young Manthanities left a mark in many people's heart, if they can do it then the others can also step ahead and make a difference in the society. 
A signature campaign was also held during the cleaniliness drive. People in large numbers came forward, signed and pledged for the cause.

After the ralley preachers and volunteers from DJJS  distributed bananas to manthanites and discussed about the importance of hygiene cleanliness.