Training Program at RIVER: Preparing Teachers for Shaping Students' Future

November 10, 2014

Teachers use their knowledge base as a powerful educational tool to teach students. While students are taught novel methodologies from time to time, it is also indispensable for teachers to upgrade their skills so as to provide an enhanced learning platform to students.

Teachers at Manthan-Sampoorn Vikas Kendras utilize a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary learning techniques. Their endless quest to learn more and more brought to them a six-day certified training program at RIVER - Rishi Valley Institute of Education Resource Training at Rural Education Centre, Madanpalle, Andhra Pradesh from November 5 - 10, 2014. Attended by 17 Manthan teachers from three states of India- Delhi, Bihar and Punjab, the training program was sponsored by Women's Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) under Community Initiatives Pogram of Alberta, Canada.

The training was on a pedagogy based on MGML- 'Multi Grade Multi Level' medhodology to cater different levels and grades. Topics included sessions on comprehensive support program in MGML, content development and localization, potential of MGML for inclusion, simulations on identifying learning levels and routine establishment, language, mathematics, ESL and EVS transaction in MGML classroom, RTE conformance with MGML, identifying existing challenges faced by teachers in schools and strategic planning to overcome them.

Always on their way towards improvement, these teachers are all set to implement what they have learnt in this comprehensive training program. Such teacher trainings would prove to be effectual in shaping bright futures.