November 23, 2018

Values and ethics are the essence of humans. They create and recreate humans. Emphasising the significance of values in life, Manthan - Sampoorna Vikas Kendra organised a lecture and workshop at Shiv Palace, Vijay Vihar, Delhi-110085  on Saturday, 10th November 2018. The workshop included over 20 teachers who engaged in long thoughtful discussions and deliberated over the communication of values to children.

The session started with a video illustrating the need to inculcate values in today’s youth in order to prepare them for the future they will build for the nation. It also showed the causes and consequences of lack of values in teenagers who lead them into substance abuse, crimes, and even suicide. The lack of will power and strength in today’s youth can only be overcome through value education during school years. The introductory video was followed by a group activity in which each group was given a worksheet with spellings of values written in lists. This ice-breaker activity contained missing alphabets in the spellings which the participants had to fill in order to get their brains active in context. After the initial familiarisation achieved through this activity, the session moved to ‘The Character Build up Activity’. This activity consisted of individual participants, who were given a paper pillar on which they had to write their views about ways to strengthen the character of individuals and make them capable of coping with problems with patience and maturity. This was followed by a group activity in which each group was given 3 sheets and 2 cardboard bricks which they had to use to make a bridge strong enough to bear the weights put over it. The bridge represents the values society holds dear while the weights represent the hardships and everyday struggles of people. Cardboard bridges symbolic of stronger values have more strength to tolerate the weights. The session then witnessed a demonstration revolving around life without values and how it represents a paper roll hollow in the centre. But a life based on values is like a crumpled sheet which has become strong with every crease. Each crease on the sheet represents what each individual has to go through in order to have a comprehensive life.

The workshop contained different activities with flavours signifying the importance of values and ethics in our living systems.

Conclusively, all attendees had to write their feedback on the leaves of a plant in a pot made out of paper. They had to express their views on the topic of discussion on leaves symbolising new beginnings. The teachers expressed appreciation for the workshop and testified that they had insightful discussions during the session.