914:1000 (sex ratio 2011 census) may look like a usual mathematical figure but when expressed in words it indicates a strong aversion towards girl child, in the light of preference for a son; leading to millions of girls missing from the world. The Son Preference is a Syndrome that encapsulates in itself gender differential symptoms such as son being a key to salvation, eligibility of son to perform parent's funeral rites, only a son can take on family name and lineage, considering girl child as liability, believing in no girls no crime funda and things like that. Strangely, such diseased mindsets have found international consensus. Demographic analysis confirm that infant girls are considered as 'just another mouth to feed' in china, a label of 'not deserving education' in Africa and 'a piece of beauty' in Europe. But, under the divine auspices of revered master Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Santulan has etched out a community of millions who have corrected their skewed mindsets about the girl child. We conduct various gender sensitization workshops, mass advocacy programs and year-long campaigns to raise societal consciousness over the subject of killing of female fetus as a crime against humanity.

The world is talking about 21st century Gender Balanced Leadership phenomenon and its expected effective results. And why not? We have moved ahead of the times when men used to say, "You're just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It's science”. Radiologist Ragini Verma with her crew in the University of Pennsylvania has proved through her researches that - the female brain appears to have increased connection between neurons in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. “So, if there was a task that involved logical and intuitive thinking, the study says that women are predisposed, or have stronger connectivity as a population, so they should be better at it” quotes Verma. Now this leaves no room for chauvinists to tag women as victims of emotional fluxes any more. And here, for your information, this is just a reiteration of the ancient wisdom of India that has regarded the feminine potential as a divine mother who is all powerful and potent to render values and virtues to the whole society.  But, unfortunately women today, though wearing a 21st century façade have become more vulnerable and susceptible to atrocities, abuse and subordination even after being educated and economically independent. Against this backdrop of lost knowledge of the past that places women prior to men in every field; Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is reinstating ‘status of women’ as in the Vedic times. By invoking the inherent energy of the soul in women, His Holiness is carving out New Age Vedic Women today. A woman whose pulse is not driven by loaded pockets or seven star living or rubies and emeralds. She is an independent thinker. She is not just extrovertly empowered but internally motivated too. She is the one who possesses a dignified character and propagates values and virtues to the generations. She is not a commodity. She is a mother!


Empowerment is a process that provides women with an enhanced share of control over resources and material… According to the 2009 Country Report of Government of India, "Empowerment means moving from a position of enforced powerlessness to one of power". Ironically, today, on one side women are touching skies but on the flip side, crime against them in the form of rising gender based violence, dowry deaths, high maternal mortality, child brides, slavery in domestic work, trafficking, abduction and feticide is an ever rising phenomenon. This puts a question mark at the realization of the word 'empowerment' in true sense. Santulan is facilitating women with holistic empowerment - something beyond education and income generation. It is ignition of the much needed self-confidence to fiercely fight any kind of subjugation. And, through our women empowerment drives, group discussions, capacity building workshops and rallies, we also draw religious clarity amongst stakeholders over fallacious and mis-interpreted scriptural and cultural doctrines that demean the status of women.


  •  Over the ages, women have shouldered a primordial role which puts them in the shoes of educators for their children as they are the ones who provide values to them. This function of women is indispensable for generations to learn culture they are part of. This is why women are respectably called as vehicles of civilizations. Looking through anthropological perspective, culture forms the adiphice of any civilization and women are the power house transmitting culture from one generation to another.

    This particular role of women not only distinguishes them from their counte...


  • The Vedic idea of woman and sustainability as being two sides of the same coin is considered even today by contemporary philanthropists. The much imperative human rights– gender equality and woman empowerment encapsulated at the third level of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are tagged by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) as a pathway to actualize the aim of sustainable development and realize the other seven goals of MDGs. But, the evident rise in crime and violence against women stamps failure of alleviation initiatives in favor of women and their continued subjugat...


  • Emotional, sensitive, caring, delicate, over expressive these are the words which a woman is always tagged with. These tags have gone a long way in defining the role of a woman in the society for long-time now. She is mostly seen as a homemaker, caretaker and family binder.

    Contrastingly in this 21st century, where women are waging their war for equal rights and better representation, the idea of women taking roles such as a CEO of a company, a leader of the state, an academic change maker, a business analyst, a property dealer are looked upon as stories of empowerm...


  • Advancement today is very much connected to owning of latest gadgets, branded clothes and accessories and leading a so called modern lifestyle. The dictionary meaning of the very word modern restricts itself to appearance and behaviour. Fundamentals like rationality, intellectual gravity, analytical ability, power of discretion and ideological reasoning are altogether ignored especially when it comes to define advancement of women, both by men and womenfolk themselves.

    The paradoxical contradiction between the contemporary definition of advancement and its true meaning therefo...



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