• Mass sensitization through spiritual session-"Shakti aradhan"

  • Awareness generating lecture to make people recall the power of goddess ?Durga-the symbol of shakti?

  • Commemorating International Women's day in Sirsa through spiritual workshops

  • Sadhvi ji sharing thought provoking story of sacred Hindu text ?Devi Bhagvat? emphasizing on women empowerment

  • Devotional workshop to disseminate knowledge on Spirituality being the last resort to uprot menace of female feticide

  • Spiritual discourse to sensitize public to the importance of woman

  • Devotional and inspirational choreography portraying women power

  • The need to awaken Maa Shakti within us through spiritual initiation into divine knowledge

  • Participation of women in the empowerment drive by Santulan, for women

The stooping status of women in the society is majorly attributed to gender differential mindsets based on religious and cultural doctrines. It is therefore imperative to render authentic scriptural guidelines and clarity to demystify the age old prejudicial myths and misconceptions that lower down the status of women even more.

Our regular spiritual events organized weekly, fortnightly and monthly across the country and overseas sensitize people on various social issues and produce spiritual clarity to these issues of concern. In the thought provoking mass story telling sessions such as ‘devibhagwat’, ‘ram katha’, ‘srimadbhagwatkatha’ etc, specific verses are quoted from different scriptures that explain and prove – “the high status religious texts have given to women”. These events are attended by thousands of people every time.