Akhand Gyan

Highlights of March 2009

The Greatest Austerity lies in mind Control

Austerity! Penance! What is the real import of these terms? If you go for their established meanings, you will be able to gather the whole gamut of terminologies which all together can be put in a set form, as: AUSTERITY = {Sternness of manner, Restriction in disposition, Severity in judgment, Rigorous living style, Severe self-discipline, Moral strictness, Severe simplicity, Lack of luxury or adornment, Abstinence, Ascetic practices, Dispassion with tasteful foods…} Thus, there is no dearth of varying definitions related to 'austerity'.However, our great ones endeavoured to explain it in very simple and plain words. According to them,“To emaciate one's body with fasts and the like is not true penance. So long as evil passions persist in man, all external appliances are useless.” (Saint Eknath) Real austerity does not lie in torturing the body, for which ascetics adopt various ways; like, starving in the name of fasting, offering oblation of one's body parts, etc. etc. Mind it! The control of mind is the greatest austerity one can ever undertake. Generally, people undergo rigorous austerities only with the motive of gaining occult powers. But, dear readers, remember that the supreme gain lies in appeasing God, and God can only be pleased and moved, in the real sense, if you succeed in overcoming the greatest and the toughest challenge of your life. That challenge is bridling one's mind, as only when the mind is subjugated, Go…

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