Akhand Gyan

Highlights of March 2010

Whom Man Loves the Most?

It was Tuesday afternoon. Around 1:30 p.m., after his noon meal, Mr. Joseph was slumping into his office chair. Suddenly, the phone rang. Mr. Joseph extended his hand for the receiver, and in his very usual tone, he said, "Hello!" But the message from the other side made him jump from his chair: "Sir, your house is on fire. Come soon!" Mr. Joseph rushed to the door, least bothered to arrange files and papers lying on his desk. He didn't even lock his room after exiting. Neither did he inform his boss. As he was hurrying through the corridors, he saw the Chairman of his company coming from ahead. However, Mr. Joseph had no time to stop and greet him. He walked right past the Chairman's side with a frown on his face and no sign of acknowledgement. In four jumps, he cleared the staircase, came out on the road, waived to a taxi, and got into it. In ten minutes, he was at the heartbreaking site. Before his eyes, there was no longer a white, beautiful bungalow of his but only black soot। His heart sank and he fell on the ground crying like a two-year old child. After a few minutes, he summoned up courage and approached his wailing wife and mother. He looked around seeking something. But when he failed to find what he was searching for, Mr. Joseph enquired of his wife, "Where is Jack?" She could not verbalize the answer but just raised her hand towards the blazing house and burst into tears. Upon learning this tear-jerking fact t…

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A Safari to the Mysterious Animal Kingdom

A Safari to the Mysterious Animal Kingdom   Ever heard of any in-out relationship between Eyes and Stomach? A CROCODILE has a peculiar digestive system. The moment anything enters into its stomach, tears start dripping out from its eyes! What an unusual chemistry! Because, I know and value the importance of cleanliness and sattwikta for leading a healthy life. You too should never compromise in this regard. Always remember a mathematical equation that 'Hygiene + Vegetarianism = Fit Body + Healthy Mind'. ********************************************************************************** How many brains do you possess? Of course, we all know very well that we have one brain. But, how many brains does a SILKWORM possess? … 2,3,4,… No! Go on incrementing the counter till it becomes 11. Yes! 11 brains in total! Can you just imagine? That's right! I can easily carry things huge in proportion compared to my own dimensions. Reason being that I possess a never-say-die spirit. What if I have thin, hair-like legs! But, my resolution is strong, enormous, and mountain-like. ********************************************************************************* Can you walk on a blade's edge? Ouch!- This will be the instant exclamation, suffused with pain and drops of blood, if someone accidentally happens to run even his finger on the sharp edge of a blade. But does it apply to all or is there any exception? Yes! The great snail…

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