Akhand Gyan

Highlights of October 2011

Hatred-The Killer Vice

The word 'hatred' finds its place in the dictionary of most of us. Whether we reveal it openly or not, but in our hearts we do bear hatred for someone or the other, for some or the other reason. This vice called hatred seeks someone to be hated always, and we all fall victims to it. Today, let's try to analyse this vice, which eats up a big chunk of our mental energy. So friends, why do we hate others? If we look into the subject, the most prominent reason that we will find behind hatred is selfishness; i.e., when we see our selfish desires or motives getting hindered, it is then that this vice creeps inside us. Another cause that may be found is: if for some unknown reason somebody hurts us, then we may tend to hate him. Or else, due to our past impressions, we may tend to hate someone at the first sight or others may tend to hate us at first sight too. Hatred can grow as a result of jealousy as well. So, these are the chief causes which are said to give birth to hatred. Now hatred, whatsoever be the cause, is a vice and definitely needs to be destroyed. Otherwise, remember:Hatred corrodes the vessel in which it is stored.(Chinese Proverb)   True! It destroys our mental energies as we tend to become obsessed with the object of our hatred. Believe it or not, hatred is one of the biggest causes of chronic depression. It is said that an evil thought (here, feelings of hatred and jealousy for others) is thrice cursed. Firstly, it harms t…

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