Akhand Gyan

Highlights of July 2011

Return Gift of Kanha's Birthday

  The infant crimson rays spread out and enclosed the horizon and beyond… The mowing of the cows, the chirping of the birds, the raving of the Yamuna waves- all began to resonate in chorus to compose a divine music. Life rejuvenated in its entirety. The jingles in the air carried a joyful note all over Gokul. Yes! The joy of the residents of Gokul Village couldn't be possibly described in words that day. Indeed, it was an auspicious day, the Birthday of Kanha, their prince…     'Oh! It's my Kanhaiya's birthday…!' Sulekha Kaki woke up with a jerk. Certainly, it was her Kanha's birthday!!! He had turned into a lovely four year old. Kaki had to get ready quickly to reach Nand's palace. But…ohh... she was unable to move from her bed. She touched her forehead. She was down with fever.   With tears in her eyes, she thought of Yashoda, the mother of Kanha. Her thoughts transported her to Nand's palace- 'Yashoda must have spent last night cleaning and decorating the palace and this dawn would have brought thousand smiles on her face. Maharishi Shandilya must be performing holy yagya (ceremonies) in the open veranda of the palace…My darling Kanhaiya would soon come out…' Sulekha Kaki forced herself out of her bed. She just couldn't miss seeing the event to be held in the palace that day.   'Ahh…what a beautiful day it is!!!' The royal…

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Making Of A Disciple

Doku was the son of a swordsman. But, he couldn't win his father's confidence of being a good swordsman. Gripped by the feelings of humiliation and anger, he left his father's place in search of someone who could make him perfect in the art of swordsmanship. After a long hunt, he came across a master who was adept in swordsmanship. Manzo had excelled the art in all respects. Doku approached Manzo and said, “Master, will you teach me the art of playing with swords? I must tell you that I am not a novice in this field. I know quite a lot. But, still my father has rejected me saying that my skill lacks perfection. So, I have come to you to become perfect in this art. Please tell, when would you commence the training?” Doku's impatience was clearly evident. Along with that was also evident his ego, which brought him an unpleasant response from the Master. Manzo looked at Doku and said, “I confirm your father's assessment about you. You truly don't seem to be fit for learning this art. And, so, I refuse to accept you as my student.” Doku stood shell-shocked upon hearing those words. As if, he was hit by thunder lightning a thousand times! With stony eyes, he looked at Manzo. The Master also looked at him and said, “You may go now.” The arrow of rejection had hit the right place, throwing an attack on the monster of ego that had seized Doku's mind and heart. Doku laid in the master's feet, crying for his ref…

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