Akhand Gyan

Highlights of January 2012

Dilemma & How To Overcome It!

Overcome It!   Dilemma is the situation when one finds oneself in a fix– what to do, what not to do. It is a position where each of the two alternatives (or all the feasible courses) makes a person land up in a state of indecision leading to mental agony. Wisdom is the power of discrimination to determine what is wrong and what is right. In the absence of this power, one is unable to decide the right course of action. There is a vast difference between the intellect and the wisdom. Intellect can be developed by acquiring knowledge from books, newspapers, e-media & various other external sources, but wisdom is not the subject of books and theories. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & ATTITUDE IMPACT OF DILEMMA The impact of dilemma may be in several different ways like physical, mental, financial, personal, or, for that matter, a loss of life altogether. OVERCOME DILEMMA Wisdom develops only when one gets attached to his base, his source, which is the Supreme Lord. This, in turn, can happen only with the grace of a Perfect Spiritual Master who imparts True Knowledge to the seeker and reveals the divinity within. When one attains the direct perception of the Lord within the abode of his heart, his wisdom develops and the soul learns to discriminate. Then he is able to listen to his soul's voice, which acts as the perfect guide taking him in the right direction. CLEAR THOUGHTS & POSITIVE ATTITUDE Positive thinking always works wonders. Why to t…

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