Akhand Gyan

Highlights of February 2012

Mood Swings and Their Influence!

On top of the world at one time, panicky and dull in the other moment… Sometimes composed and harmonized, at other times baffled and disintegrated... Does it indicate your mood-graph? You will find that the pattern of your mood-dots is erratic, showing frequent transitions in the form of crests and troughs. This upward and downward movement of dots on a mood-graph is called mood- swings. WHY MOOD-SWINGS?   Action Zone     Anxiety Zone In case energy is more, but the emotions are negative, then we are said to be in an angry mood. In this mood, we happen to react aggressively. We shout at the person in front of us, get into arguments, or even land up in altercations or fights. Whenever a person is in this mood-zone, it is better not to approach him with any work; because, the probability is more that your work will not materialise. In fact, many of you opt for such course of action only. For example, when you have to get your leave application signed and you come to know that the boss is in a bad mood, you never take the risk of going to the boss's cabin. Or, when you intend to seek permission from your father to go on a trip with your friends, you invariably check that he is not in this mood-zone. When the energy level is low and emotions are also negative, then our mood slips into the trench of sadness, i.e. Zone 3. Often when we say that our mood is off, we are lying in this region of the Miller Mood Map. On occasions like less…

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