Akhand Gyan

Highlights of July 2013

मॉडर्न गुरु-भक्ति!

'क' से ...? 'ख' से ...? 'ग' से ...? क्या कहा? कबूतर ... खरगोश ... गमला! अजी! आप कौन से ज़माने में जी रहे हैं? आप शायद भूल रहे हैं की आप मॉडर्न युग के मॉडर्न निवासी हैं। आज के टाइम में 'क' से कबूतर नहीं, 'क' से कम्प्यूटर होता है। यह इक्कीसवीं सदी है। यहाँ सबकुछ हाई-टैक है- हाई-टैक मशीनें, हाई-टैक मोबाइल, हाई-टैक रहन- सहन और हाई-टैक गुरु-भक्ति! हाई-टैक गुरु-भक्ति!? जी हाँ! मॉडर्न ज़माने की मॉडर्न गुरु-भक्ति! जिसमें पैनड्राइव, हार्ड-डिस्क, स्कैनर …

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सदगुरुओं की हाट!

आजकल छोटे- बड़े शहरों में माल्स खुलने लगे हैं। ऐसे बाज़ार जहाँ एक ही स्थान पर बनी हुई अलग-अलग दुकानों पर जाकर आप हर वस्तु खरीद सकते हैं। हमारी सभी सांसारिक ज़रूरतों को पूरा करते हैं ये आधुनिक हाट! चलिए, अखण्ड ज्ञान के संग एक ऐसे आध्यात्मिक माल में, जहाँ सदगुरुओं की हाट हैं। ... इसमें बिकता क्या है? यहाँ पर सत्य का व्यापार होता है। विवेक बिकता है। ज्ञान के अनमोल रत्नों की खरीद होती है। यहाँ साधक साधना के गुर प्राप्त करते हैं। आइये, हम भी चलते हैं, इस बाज़ार की एक-एक हाट पर। ...  संत पल्टू की हाट :पल्टू साहिब अपने एक मुरीद के संग धोबी-घाट से गुज़र रहे थे। एक धोबी बेचारा पसीने-पसी…

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(दिव्य ज्योति जाग्रति संस्थान की पुस्तक 'चैतन्य' से उद्धृत) 'मैं इस नगर की साम्राज्ञी हूँ। ये सब मेरे अधीन हैं। यहाँ एकछत्र मेरा राज है!... मैं मोहिनी हूँ ... मन मोहिनी! हा ... हा ... हा ...!'- रानी  मोहिनी (माया) स्व-प्रशंसा के बिगुल बजा रही थी। उसका अत्यंत चालाक और शातिर मंत्री अचेतासुर ( अज्ञानता का असुर) पास ही खड़ा था। अपनी बिलोई आँखों से मोहिनी का त्रिया चरित्र देख रहा था। दोनों राजभवन के शाही बाग में खड़े होकर संवाद कर रहे थे। बगीचे के साथ सटी सड़क पर से अनेक नागरिक गुज़र रहे थे। उनकी चाल में नशीली झूम थी, लड़खड़ाहट थी। ... वे वशीभूत हुए, गिरते-पड़ते राह से गुज़र रहे थे। उधर अपने रत्नजड़ि…

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“An ideal Couple”!

An “ideal couple” once came to Gautama Buddha and asked, “Lord, we married after being acquainted from childhood and there has never been a cloud on our happiness. Please tell us if we can marry in the next life?” The Buddha gave them this wise answer: “If you both have exactly the same faith, if you both receive the same teaching in exactly the same way, and if you have the same wisdom, then you will have the same mind in the next birth” … “The greatest happiness which a mortal man can imagine is the bond of marriage that ties together two loving hearts. But, there is a greater happiness still: it is to embrace the truth. Death will separate husband and wife, but death will never affect him who has espoused the truth. Therefore, be married unto the truth and live with the truth in holy wedlock.” … The best garment is the garment of God-consciousness. It requires that a husband and wife should be as garments for each other: Just as garments are for protection, comfort, show and concealment for human beings, God expects husbands and wives to be for one another. … The greatest thing a husband or wife can wish for the spouse is spirituality; for the soul unfoldment brings out the divine qualities of understanding, patience, thoughtfulness, and love. Spouses must learn how to advance each other’s happiness and promote each other’s welfare. Advancing each other’s vanity does not provide an…

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The Boss vs. The Guru

A boss sticks around ‘I’ and works towards maximizing personal success, but Guru’s ‘I’ comprises of entire mankind and He works towards maximizing collective success. -  A boss may hold grudges, anger or jealousy in case of adversities, but a guru always forgives and believes in moving on. -A boss is somebody who tries to extract the maximum out of you to give it to the company or for his personal interest; while a Guru is one who wants to extract the maximum best out of you to give it back to you for your own interest. -  A boss carries a psyche where he always wants something from you, while a Guru manifests a consciousness where He always wants to give something to you. -  A boss simply leaves the work on you to be done in a particular manner, while a Guru not only gives directions but also imparts wisdom along with his prudent guidance at every step and makes you carry out the task beyond your capacity and creativity. - When stuck with the problem, a boss would ask for the solution to be offered, while a Guru would offer the solution for the problem. - A boss works his way through position power, but a Guru works his way through personal power.  -While bosses may sit in the offices, a Guru often sits in the hearts of His disciples. To know more about this difference read the complete article in July 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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Questions and Revelations!

Q. Revered Gurudev, when some accident or mishap is going to happen in our lives or an ill-boding event is about to confront us, you, with your benign grace, give us a hint beforehand and alert us. However, I have experienced that your hints are often expressed in a subtle manner; they are not straight and evident. That’s why we are unable to catch and understand the implications. Is it not possible that you give us clear cut instructions so that we take proper remedial measures and save ourselves from the impending tragedy? A. In the Dwaapar Yuga (Bronze Age), when all the five sons of Draupadi (wife of the Pandavas) were dead, she had posed the same question to Lord Krishna, “Lord, yesterday, at the dead of night, you had told me that Lord of Death was about to snatch my sons from me, I would have never allowed them to sleep.” Lord Krishna replied, “Draupadi, this way if I reveal the secrets of the future, it will amount to interfering with the working of nature. But, I am unable to stop myself from giving indications to my dear devotees. Q. Revered Master, on turning the pages of history, we come across some incidents when Guru became very harsh with his disciple. He ignored him, even excluded him from his love and nearness! Why does a Guru act like that? A. Every action, every thought and every deed of a Guru is for the welfare and making of a disciple. If the Guru acts tough with his disciple and ignores him, then the disciple should sincere…

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