Akhand Gyan

Highlights of December 2016

रोबोट बना मानव या मानव बना रोबोट!

अक्षय- (यू.एस.से अपने पापा के साथ वट्स-एप चैट करते हुए)- हैल्लो पापा! पापा- अक्षय बेटा, कैसा है तू? अक्षय- सॉरी पापा, आपके मैसेज का जवाब थोड़ा देर से दे रहा हूँ... पापा- आज तो रविवार है... मुझे लगा तेरे ऑफिस की छुट्टी होगी... अक्षय- ऑफिस तो बंद था आज। पर पापा, आपको मालूम है, मैं कहाँ घूम कर आया? पापा- ज़रूर कोई नए गैजेट्स निकले होंगे... या फिर नई कार... तू इन्हीं चीजों के तो इर्द-गिर्द घूमता है... अक्षय- ग्रेट पापा! आप मुझे कितनी अच्छी तरह जानते हैं... आज मैं एक रोबोट एक्सपो में गया था। ओ माई गॉड पापा, मैं आपको क्या बताऊँ... ...  ...मेरा बस चले तो मैं सारे रोबोट खरीद लूँ। फिर वे ही मेरा सारा काम करेंगे। आ…

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विध्वंसकारी नहीं है, महादेव का डमरू

...अवश्य ही आपने भगवान शंकर की प्रतिमा को ध्यान से देखा होगा। महादेव एक हाथ में डमरू थामे रहते हैं। पर क्या कभी आपने इस बात पर गौर किया कि ऐसा क्यों? इस वाद्य यंत्र को धारण करने के पीछे भगवान का आशय क्या हो सकता है? क्या यह वाद्य यंत्र शिव की मात्र शोभा बढ़ाने वाला अलंकार है? आखिर भगवान आशुतोष के हाथ मे डमरू का क्या प्रयोजन? क्या यह मात्र एक डुगडुगी है, जो 'तांडव' करते महादेव के हाथ में सुशोभित होती है? या इस डमरू का बजना किसी विध्वंस की ओर इशारा करता है? विचारिए, भगवान शंकर मदारी तो नहीं, फिर हाथ में डमरू क्यों थामा? उत्तर गूढ़ है और आध्यात्मिक भी... अक्सर देखा गया है कि लोग भगवान …

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आओ प्रकृति से अपनी प्रवृति सँवारें!

प्रकृति से हमें जीवन जीने के लिए सबकुछ मिलता है- भोजन, हवा, पानी... और यहाँ तक कि अनमोल प्रेरणाएँ भी। जी हाँ! यदि हम प्रकृति को गौर से देखेंगे, तो उसमें ऐसे बहुत से सूत्र पाएँगे जो हम साधकों की प्रवृत्ति संवारने में सहायक हैं। आइए, इस माह अपने शारीरिक भोजन के साथ-साथ साधकता की खुराक का बंदोबस्त भी प्रकृति के ज़रिए करते हैं। ...   ...जीव का नाम 'प्रेयिंग मेंटिस' है यानी 'प्रार्थनारत कीट'। अपने नाम के अनुरूप यह बिल्कुल सादगी से अपने हाथों को हमेशा जोड़ कर रखता है। साथ ही, इसमें बहुत सी अन्य खूबियाँ भी मौजूद हैं। जैसे- यह जिस वातावरण में रहता है अर्थात जिस भी पेड़-पौधे का संग करता है…

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God, Guru, & Religion: Some Pertinent Queries

Religion- Is it a subject to be scared of or To Be Considered as sacred with man sticking to a set of some practices? Today, the word 'Religion' is viewed by many as a synonym of dogmatism, cultism, sectarianism, terrorism, bigotism, and likewise. It is said that like colourism (referring to bias within the African American community favouring light-skinned individuals), ageism (referring to bigotry on the basis of age, like the elderly are often victimised), a new term seems to have been  added in the English vocabulary- 'Religism', which means bigotry towards other religions or belief systems. Carrying somewhat the similar tone is also the word 'Religiophobia' referring to religiously motivated fear, hatred, animosity, conflict, oppressions, intolerance, etc. However, contrary to this perception, just read the following closing words of Swami Vivekananda in his address on Hinduism, on his ideal of a future religion, which he stated at the World Parliament of Religion in Chicago in 1893, and which was greatly appreciated by the huge gathering of logical and intellectual representatives from all across the world: It would be religion which would have no place for persecution or intolerance... and would recognise divinity in every man or woman and whose whole scope, whose whole force will be centred in aiding humanity to realise its divine nature. As a matter of fact, religion is neither to be scared or nor should be confined to a set of…

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Traditions with a Twist!

Let's make the game even more enjoyable! With time, as new trends in lifestyle come up; likewise, perhaps, new styles of kicking and hitting each other also take shape. La Tomatina occasion in Spain and the stone-pelting festival in India present a striking and stunning example in this regard. La Tomatina refers to the tomato fight, which is held in Spain every year in the Valencian town of Bunyol, located in the East of Spain. The participants hurl tomatoes at each other for around an hour or two, simply for the sake of fun and entertainment. The view of the town after this fight resembles a pool of tomato puree, with the participants submerged in it. Thereafter comes the turn of the fire trucks, which hose down the streets using plenty of water to clean the town. The participants, on the other hand, make use of the hoses provided by the locals, to remove the tomato pulp sticking to their bodies. In 2015, it is said that around 1,45,000 kg of tomatoes were thrown by the participants! Otherwise also, on an average, from seven trucks, 175 tonnes of ripe tomatoes are offloaded into the crowd thronging the streets to participate in nearly an hour- long battle. What more? Well, there are some rules to be followed to 'fight' with each other, as defined by the Bunyol Town Council for the safety of the participants. The limits of the fight have to be maintained, with only throwing of tomatoes; and not going wild by tearing t-shirts or using bottles, etc. to …

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Corporate Challenges and Smart Moves: Some Case Studies

In the real world, corporate organisations are confronted with challenges that need to be dealt with smartly in order to maintain the company’s branding and a positive image. Below we’ll learn through some examples as to how organizations have been able to deal with perplexed issues or rather dooms and solve them with vigour, thus shining remarkably through them. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AFTER 9/11... James Parker, the CEO of Southwest Airlines met with a crisis situation during Sept 2001, in wake of 9/11 attacks. Due to the Sept 11 terrorist attacks with hijacked passenger planes, the airlines were grounded as people were afraid to fly. Parker wondered if domestic airline industry would even survive. Amidst those chaotic conditions, Parker had to make pressing business pressing business decisions, like what to convey to customers who wanted to cancel their reservations and demanded refunds. In such a calamitous situation confronting the entire airline industry and in the crunch of time for doing economic analysis to figure out the after effects, Parker took some major decisions based on his gut feeling for the most important factors. As a result, some customers accepted a credit for a future flight. Some devoted customers even sent money through envelopes to help save the airlines. Customers were generous enough and repaid the kindness shown to them by the Southwest employees. Outcomes of above decisions: Southwest remained profitable Could offer job…

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