Akhand Gyan

Highlights of March 2016

Mystical Wireless from the Battlefield to the Palace!

In the age of modern science and technology, often the legends recorded on the pages of epics and scriptures are seen from the lens of mysticism and impracticality. However, as a matter of fact, the writings in these repositories epitomise the real heights and advancements of science and technology. This statement holds valid in the light of the fact that over the period of time as modern science has advanced, many aspects of these ancient writings have been found perfectly scientific and logical, that too of fine stature. Moreover, where there are numerous instances of the theories and revelations of modern science being proved incorrect or incomplete, there the legitimacy of the revelations in these texts of wisdom remain unchallengable. ... Let's move to the time frame when, after all possible attempts to reconcile failed, it was finally decided that a massive battle of Mahabharata will take place between the Kauravas and the Pandavas to resolve the feud. At that time, the blind King Dhritrashtra expressed his desire to know about the happenings in the battlefield. The Mahabharata says that considering the King's urge, Sanjaya was provided with the faculty of the distant vision by the sage Ved Vyasa. The sage said to the King- "Sanjaya will give the description of all the incidents of the war. Nothing in the battlefield will go unseen or unheard by him. Whether an accident occurs before his eyes or behind his back, during the day or night, concealed or in pu…

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Come, join the Army of God!

"Truth always triumphs"- the evil knows that this is universally and eternally true. However, it still keeps on tryinf to defy these words. Evident in every age, this was true at the time of Zarathustra as well. Prior to his birth, the wicked people and magicians had an inkling that someone is going to come who would pose as a threat to their existence. Hence, they intended to curb the possibility of Zarathustra taking birth on this earth. However, their intentions could not fructify and hence the earth was blessed with the arrival of a divine soul, who was supposed to spread the message of truth and awakening in times to come. ... where all babies cry when they come in this world, Zarathustra laughed at the time of birth. Such incidences marked a clear indication that Zarathustra was not an ordinary child, but a divine entity who had come for the emancipation of mankind from the evil and wrongdoers. It is an eternal law of creation that from time to time enlightened saints and Spiritual Masters descend on this earth to spread the message of Truth, and thus annihilate unrighteousness. ... This has been the sole philosophy and ideology behind every spiritual movement in every era, which was also exemplified at the time of Zarathustra. After a long wait and craving, at the age of 30, Zarathustra ultimately got the real preceptor who unveiled the secret door to meet the Ahura Mazda (God). ... After receiving the Divine Knowledge...  "Be the warriors of…

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What are we busy about?

Nowadays, mobiles or cell- phones have become  the need of society. They no longer fall in the category of luxurious items, rather have become a necessity. However, have you noticed a fact related to them. It is that 80% of the phone calls are made only to 20% names in the contact list. If we have 50 names in our contact list, then 20% of 50 is 10. That means, most of the time we call only these 10 people, even though there are 50 names in the list. Let's pick up another example. Nowadays newspaper are getting bulkier. With what? With news, with info?...No, with ads! 80% of the news is compiled in 20% of the paper. The rest of the paper is just packed with advertisement. Likewise, ● 80% of the time we wear 20% of the clothes in our closet. ● 80% of the traffic is on 20% of streets. ● 80% of the happiness comes from 20% of relations. ● 80% of the firm's profit is generated from 20% of the customers. ● 80% of the results are achieved from 20% of the activities.... ... This list is endless. Are you amazed? However, dear friends, this is the truth! A validated truth! The figures may not be exactly 80/20 all the time, they may be 75/25,70/30,85/15 or 90/10. But the point of consideration is the striking imbalance. The cause and effects are not in the ratio of 1:1. A small percentage of all the possible causes account for the major percentage of the results. On the basis of these observations, came into existence the 80/20 rule or the Pareto&#…

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महा शिवरात्रि पर करे, शिव- तत्व की उपासना!

हाथ में जल पात्र, बेल पत्र इत्यादि लिए 'रावत' जी के कदम मंदिर की ओर बढ़े चले जा रहे थे। आज फाल्गुन कृष्ण चतुर्दशी के उपलक्ष्य पर उन्होंने महाशिवरात्रि का व्रत जो रखा था। सो शिवलिंग का अभिषेक करने हेतु ही वे घर से निकले थे। पर मंदिर पहुँचने पर उनको श्रद्धालुओं की लंबी कतार देखने को मिली। उनकी बारी आते- आते लगभग डेढ़ घंटा बीत गया। शिवलिंग के निकट पहुँच कर उन्होंने ने भी बाकी सब की तरह उस पर बेल पत्र रखे और जल से अभिषेक किया। पर मन में प्रश्न कौंध उठे, आखिर यह सब क्यों? यह बेल पत्र, जल, दूध इत्यादि से अभिषेक... ऐसा क्यों? खैर, सवालों को किनारे करके वे सरपट घर की ओर मुड़ गए। रास्ते मे उन…

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खेलत रघुपति होरी हो!

होली के रंग विविध हैं। इन रंगों को खेलने के ढंग भी विविध हैं। ' होली' का त्यौहार रूढ़ियों के ढर्रे पर कभी नहीं चला। वह हर युग में नया वेश लेकर आया है। हर युगावतार की शैली में.नाचा है, थिरका है।...जैसा प्रांत, जैसी विभूति, जैसा भाव-वैसा ही रूप बनाकर फाग झूमा है। होली के इन अनेक रंगों और ढंगों में एक बात ' एक' सी रही है। वह है, प्रेम की। होली का उत्सव प्रेम का ही महोत्सव है। आएँ, होली की प्रेम-भीनी फुहारों में झूमें। अवध नगरी नववधू सी सजी थी। रंगोत्सव का प्रभाव धरा और गगन पर छाया था। राजभवन भी रंगभवन में बदल गया था। सूर्यवंश का राजसी परिवार बगीचे में एकत्र था। रघुवीर श्री राम जनक…

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कैसा संगीत हमारी 'प्ले लिस्ट' में हो?

क्या संगीत भी अच्छा- बुरा हो सकता है? संगीत के प्रोफेसर ' टिम फिशर' इसका उत्तर एक उदाहरण से देते हैं। वे कहते हैं- अंग्रेजी भाषा के वर्ण 'e' को लें। तो क्या यह अच्छा 'e' होगा या बुरा 'e'? या फिर दोनों में से कुछ भी नहीं? तीसरा विकल्प ही सही है। 'e' न्यूट्रल है- न अच्छा है, न बुरा है। पर जब इस मूल वर्ण को अन्य मौलिक वर्णो से जोड़ कर पंक्ति का निर्माण करते हैं, तो? मसलन ' Praise the Lord ( प्रभु का गुणगान करें)' या ' I hate God ( मैं भगवान से नफरत करता हूँ )'। स्पष्ट देखा जा सकता है कि पहला वाक्य सकारात्मक या अच्छा है; पर दूसरा वाक्य नकारात्मक या बुरा है। अत: 'e' न्यूट्रल है, मगर उसे जिस स्थान पर और ज…

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