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Highlights of January 2017

Scientific References in Saints' Utterances

... Imagine there are two sets, A and B. Let's say A represents the 'expanse of spirituality' and B that of the material science (inclusive of all streams- physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, neurology, embryology, etc.). Now, if you are asked to tick one of the options from A>B, A=B, A<B, then, what would be your choice? Perhaps, there would be no ambiguity in the answer, as the majority feels that spirituality is nowhere close to the heights transcended by science and technology of the 21st century. However, as a matter of fact, spiritualists are not just abreast with the latest science; rather, the truly enlightened ones are conversant even with the latent scientific truths that are still far beyond the reach of the scientists. If you think that these assertions are nothing but an exaggeration or have been written by the spiritualists to expel their frustration for the otherwise speedily excelling scientists, then, it's absolutely false! As such, there is no dearth of references, which prove this aspect crystal clear. Let's cite some of them from the discourses and writings of the spiritually enlightened ones, which are indeed sufficient to ingest this truth. ... Have you heard of electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons, photons, etc. Certainly yes; after all these are the talks of the past in the domain of science, as scientists could unfold their mystery long back. True. But, are you also conversant with 'Thoughtrons'? Well…

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Managerial Lessons from Greek Mythology

Greek mythological stories have always demonstrated deep lessons speaking of timeless wisdom. These myths are synced with spirituality to help mankind live a successful personal and professional life. We bring to you some facets of the Greek mythological world catering to our professional life. These myths will decode some important understandings for a better living in the corporate world. Corporate life has two sides to it, namely- 1. Boss/Leader 2. Employee Only when both sides are in the right attitude, a professional life can flourish. Greek myths demonstrate important sutras for each of these two sides. Let us explore them. GREEK MYTH DEMONSTRATING IMPORTANT UNDERSTANDING FOR THE EMPLOYEES! Greek Myth: There is a famous story by the title- 'The Sword of Damocles'. The myth goes like this- Once, there was a king named Dionysius. The king was a man of great power, magnificence, and authority. Seeing the king at such a position, Damocles approached Dionysius and said, "Dionysius, you must be very happy with the pleasures and luxuries in your life! I am really jealous of you because you are enjoying life of a kingly stature." To this the king replied, 'If you wish to take a taste, let me give you the privilege of living my life for a day,' Thus, the next day, Damocles was the king of the state. He went into the chamber of the king, which had a big dining table with different delicacies at display. He saw a queue of servants ready…

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Inspiring Pages from the Lives of Famous Personalities

Often there are times, when one feels low or lethargic. We also encounter many such moments when we find ourselves caught in the quicksand of challenges and problems, which make us restless. In such moments, we look out for inspirations to motivate and enthuse ourselves to revive our life. In this regard, there are a bagful of historical incidents, which serve as a reservoir to motivate us with the words of wisdom. Here is a galore of tales from lives of famous personalities, which will help satiate our hunger for motivation. THE INSPIRATIONAL HOROSCOPE! Horoscopes- one of the most renowned tools that people use nowadays to know about themselves! Their lucky colour, lucky number, personality traits, and their future! Success and motivation are controlled psychologically with the statements and numbers issued in the horoscope. Tarot cards are opened to see what is good for them and what is not. Hold on! We have got a better version of you with respect to the horoscope, from the life of a great saint, Socrates. Once, Socrates was into a discussion with his disciples. All of a sudden, an astrologer came over there and claimed, 'I can tell the nature of a person by reading his face. I am quite skilled in astrology.' He continued, 'Who wants to test me? I am ready to reveal the personality traits of any one of you, right now.' Although no one sitting there was interested, but when the astrologer repeatedly insisted, Socrates said, ' All right, great l…

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यूनान में कब और कैसे पहुँचे-श्रीकृष्ण?

यूनान में श्रीकृष्ण प्रमाण पुरातत्त्व विज्ञान से! 1970 के दशक में, अफगानिस्तान के अय-खनुम जिले में, पुरातत्त्व विशेषज्ञों ने एक बड़ी खोज की। वहाँ की गई खुदाई में उनको लगभग 180 ई.पू. के चाँदी के सिक्के मिले। इन चोकोर सिक्कों के दोनों तरफ दो आकृतियाँ उकेरी हुई थीं। विश्लेषण करने पर सिक्के के एक तरफ श्रीकृष्ण और दूसरी तरफ बलराम चित्रित मालूम हुए। श्रीकृष्ण ने एक हाथ में छह आरे वाला चक्र और दूसरे में शंख पकड़ा है। श्री बलराम ने एक हाथ में हल और दूसरे में मूसल थामा हुआ है। दिलचस्प बात यह है कि सिक्के के दायीं तरफ 'राजाने' और बायीं तरफ 'अगथुक्लयेश' अंकित है। इसका अर्थ हुआ, 'यूनान…

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मकर संक्रांति पर करें अंतर्यात्रा

पाठकों! आप जानते ही होंगे की जनवरी माह की 14 तारीख को मकर संक्रांति का उत्सव पूरे भारतवर्ष में हर्षोल्लास से मनाया जाता है। अधिकांश लोग यूँ तो इस पर्व को सिर्फ फसल-कटाई के त्योहार के तौर पर समझते और मनाते हैं। पर क्या आप जानते हैं? दक्षिण भारत में इस दिवस का महात्म्य अत्यंत पावन और आध्यात्मिक है। खास कर केरल प्रदेश में यह दिन भगवान 'अय्यप्पा' को समर्पित है। इस दिन विश्व-भर से करोड़ों भक्त भगवान अय्यप्पा के दर्शन करने के लिए सबरीमाला मन्दिर तक की यात्रा तय करते हैं। पौराणिक इतिहास भगवान अय्यप्पा की कहानी पर प्रकाश डालता है। कहते हैं कि दुर्गा द्वारा महिषासुर वध के बाद 'म…

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संकल्प के आगे नहीं कोई विकल्प!

हमारे वेदों और उपनिषदों में सृष्टि की उत्पत्ति संकल्प से होने का विवरण है। स्वयं भगवान ने सृष्टि के आरंभ में एक संकल्प धारण किया-  'एकोSहं बहुस्याम:'- मैं एक से अनेक हो जाऊँ। मानव उसी संकल्पवान ईश्वर की अनुपम और सर्वोत्तम कृति है। वह तो बना ही संकल्पवान होने के लिए है- 'संकल्पमयोSयं पुरुष:'। परन्तु क्या हमारे अंदर इतनी संकल्प शक्ति है कि जिस लक्ष्य का हम चयन करें, उसे प्राप्त करके ही रहें? अक्सरां हमलोग नववर्ष या वर्षगाँठ पर कोई न कोई संकल्प लेते हैं। लेकिन जितनी शीघ्रता से उन्हें धारण करते हैं, उतनी ही तेज़ी से वे टूट व बिखर जाते हैं। क्यों? किसी दार्शनिक ने इस विषय मे…

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