Akhand Gyan

Highlights of July 2017

Yes! The Guru is Worthy to be Worshipped!

Swami Vivekananda, Swami Yogananda, Shivaji the great... -today the whole world is well-versed with these names. Their words, writings, and philanthropic works are today acknowledged and praised by the intellectuals and elites all around the world. However, these great ones who are adored all across the globe, in turn, offered multitudes of gratitude and expressed themselves as indebted to 'someone', ...who they deemed as their most adorable, most beloved, the dearest, was one and the only- their Guru, the Spiritual Master! What to say of the great personages, even the divine incarnations such as Rama and Krishna have eloquently sung the glory of their Guru, despite themselves being the Avatars! That's why their words, encapsulated in the form of scriptures, are replete with appreciation and gratefulness for the Guru! Every year, the full moon day during the Ashadha month (falling on 9th July, 2017 this year) is celebrated as the Guru Purnima Day. This day, which carries a great significance for the disciples of a Satguru, is dedicated for Guru Puja or worship of the Guru. This tradition was started by the disciples of the sage of yesteryears, Ved Vyasa, and is, therefore, also hailed as Vyasa Purnima. On this day, the disciples offer heartfelt reverences and pay respect to their holy Guru. Here are a few references, which are testimonies to comprehend the fact that the Satguru, the Spiritual Master is the power of the highest order of reverence in th…

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The Teresa Principles

"Let us all together thank God for this beautiful occasion where we can all together proclaim the joy of spreading peace, the joy of loving one another and the joy acknowledging that the poorest of the poor are our brothers and sisters. I am sure this award is going to bring an understanding love between the rich and the poor... I never forget when I brought a man from the street. He was covered with maggots; his face was the only place that was clean. And yet that man, when we brought him to our home for the dying, he said just one sentence: I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, and he died beautifully..." Mother Teresa's Noble Prize Acceptance Speech, held on December 10, 1979 in the Aula of the University of Oslo, Norway. To any extent for one's Mission It so happened once that the orphanage ran out of food completely. The Mother just could not bear the sight of her children suffering from hunger. She went to the nearby bakery shop and requested the bakery man, the owner of the shop, to give her some bread for her orphan children. She requested humbly by extending her arms. But, what was that! Shocking! The bakery man, instead of offering her bread, spit on her hand! However, the Mother was as calm as before. And, what she did next was something which set an exclusive example as to how dedicated one should be for one's mission. She said very patiently, "I would keep this (spit) for me. (While ex…

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Conferences to Draw Inferences about GOD!

God and Religion have been the subjects of extensive discussions, debates, and talks since time immemorial. The realm of God has remained a mystery for most of the great minds, thus eliciting curiosity in them to explore more in this field. Undoubtedly, time and again several forums have been laid where intense brainstorming, exchange of views, and sometimes raging argumentations were carried out. On such portals, if a handful of queries were attempted to be solved, then hundreds of more such arose seeking answers from man. Let us throw a glance at some of the renowned platforms of discussions that were set in this regard. World Conference on Religion and Peace Date: June 1995 Venue: San Francisco The conference was attended by various spiritual luminaries and political leaders. During the meeting, an idea was proposed by a bishop, William Swing regarding uniting different religions into a single institution called 'United Religions Organisation.' Swing mentioned that there was lack of unity among people of different religion, despite being interconnected with one another through the unified force of that supreme power i.e. pantheism. The underlying idea behind shaping such an institution was to reduce disparities in the name of religion and come up with some common base for all religions. What next? Millions of dollars were spent to spread awareness about sacred beliefs, knowledge, and scriptures of different religions among the people across the world, while…

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नवयुग का शंखनाद होने वाला है!

जब दीपक की लौ बुझने वाली होती है, उस पल उसे देखिए। उस ज्योति में सबसे तीव्र चमक होती है। रात का अंतिम प्रहर सबसे ज़्यादा काला होता है। मृत्यु शैय्या पर आँख मूँदने वाले की साँसों पर गौर कीजिए। धौंकनी जैसी तेज़ चलती हैं उसकी साँसें और धड़कनें! अंतकाल ऐसा ही हुआ करता है! सघन! तीव्र! चरम लक्षणों वाला! ठीक ऐसे ही लक्षण यह वर्तमान युग दर्शा रहा है। कलिकाल अपनी चरम कालिमा में दिखता है। पाप और अज्ञानता की सघनता का ओर-छोर पाना मुश्किल है। पतन की हर सीमा जैसे लाँघी जा चुकी है। क्या ये प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण नहीं कि कलिकाल अपनी आखिरी साँसें भर रहा है? उसका अंत सन्निकट है? उसके संहार का मंच सज चुका…

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गुरु का शासन अपने प्यारों पर होता है!

गुरुदेव क्या हैं? कैसे होते हैं? कितने गहरे... कितने प्यारे... कितने अपने- से... कितने मीठे... कितने नर्म... और शायद भगवान से भी बढ़कर! ऐसी हूकें इतिहास के हर उस शिष्य से उठी हैं, जिसे सच्चे गुरु रूपी महाग्रंथ के थोड़े-बहुत भी अध्याय पढ़ने का मौका मिला है। मन जब भी उन पन्नों को दोबारा-दोबारा पलटता है, नयन रो देते हैं और होंठ विहंस उठते हैं। हृदय गद्गद होकर कहता है- 'हर जन्म में आप मुझे यूँ ही मिलते रहना, गुरुवर!... क्योंकि आप न होते, तो मेरा क्या बनता?' कुछ ऐसे ही अनुभव 'दया' के थे, जिसे योगानंद परमहंस जी ने 'दया माँ' कहकर प्यार दिया था। आज 'दया' हमें अपने गुरु की महिमा का एक अध्याय पढ़कर स…

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विलक्षण साधना-शिविर!

साधना, करो साधना, करो साधना से प्यार। साधना करके ही होता साधक का श्रृंगार।। साधना करके ही मिलता साध्य गुरुवर का प्यार। संकल्पित हो करेंगे साधना, ये मन में लो अब धार।। मुझे स्मरण है कि अगस्त 2009 में गुरुदेव श्री आशुतोष महाराज जी ने मुझे 'साधना शिविर' लगाने की सेवा प्रदान की थी। उस समय महाराज जी के मुखमंडल पर अपने ब्रह्मज्ञानी साधकों के लिए जो ममता भरे भाव थे, वे आज भी मुझे स्मरण हैं। उन्हीं भावों का प्रसाद वितरित करने के लिए इस गुरुपूजा विशेषांक में साधना-शिविर लगाने की मेरी सेवा लगी है। तो आइए, श्रद्धा और विश्वास से पूरित होकर हम सभी साधक इस साधना-शिविर का लाभ लें। महारा…

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