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Highlights of August 2017

Mobile Phone... An Epidemic

One year old Sam was engrossed in playing, when all of a sudden the phone bell rang. His mother came running from the kitchen and picked up the phone. On the other side, it was Sam’s grandmother who was missing and remembering him. That’s why, she was eager to listen to his voice. But, Sam was too young to know how to speak. So, to calm the curiosity of his nanny, Sam’s mother placed the phone near his ear. This instance does not relate to any one home. Right from the opening of the eyes in the morning to falling asleep at night, inside or outside home, from a toddler to an old person- the empire of mobile phone is spread in all the directions today. The mobile phone genie is taking everyone under its control. Especially in the case of youngsters, this mobile phone is as if the lamp of Aladdin, that you rub it a bit (dial a number) and your wishes fulfil. You must be thinking, what’s wrong with this. In just one stroke, mobiles phones have brought even the villages in the ambit of modernism and advancement of the cities of the contemporary world. The unprivileged and uneducated segment has also got connected with the technology of the mobile. Today, mobile phone has become a symbol of being modern and up to date. We acknowledge and accept your thoughts. But it is said that there are two sides of the same coin. On one hand where the mobile phone has many benefits, there, subsequently, comes a huge list of dangers as well, caused by its excessive u…

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Youthful Spirit in Indian Freedom Struggle

Let us ponder on the lives of some of the freedom fighters of India. They were young and well educated and could have easily utilised their potential in earning good wealth, name, and fame in society. However, they rather chose to be the warriors to free their motherland from the clutches of the British rule. In this quest, they dedicated their entire youth for one-pointed mission i.e. India’s freedom. ...You will find these young freedom fighters not only bubbling with spirit, courage, enthusiasm, but also rich in self-esteem, values and character. Khudiram Bose He was one of the youngest revolutionaries of India. When he dies, his age was merely 18 years, 8 months, 8 days. In 1902 and 1903, Sri Aurobindo was fast shaping up as a revolutionary leader. Once, along with Sister Nivedita, he visited Medinipur to hold public lectures and secret planning sessions with revolutionary groups. At that time, Khudiram belonged to the teenage student community of the town who had in them the fire of insurgence against the British rule. In Khudiram’s heart, like many other teenagers of the town, kindled the spirit of revolution for India’s independence. It was from here that he stepped onto this path and attained the status of a young martyr. Khudiram was a student of Midnapore Collegiate School. He dared to request a teacher, Hemchandra Kanungo for a revolver.   On May 1, 1908, when Khudiram was brought to Muzzafarpur, the entire town had gathered at teh poli…

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Inspiring Tales of Fatherhood!

...A former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman once expressed his feelings to his children (7 and 5- year old) through a simple-worded letter, yet carrying a deep meaning for their life. “I don’t want to turn too philosophical, but the beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. When I was young, my life was full of different expectations and I enjoyed the topsy-turvy nature of it. I was fortunate to play cricket at the highest level and represent my country. And the game taught me a lot of things. It taught me discipline, the importance of setting a goal and achieving it, and the value of hard work. Most importantly, I learnt how to handle failures. This is very important, for success and failure are two sides of the same coin. You must learn to put things in perspective and have a strong foundation to take both the ups and the downs in your stride.” A message from a cricketer father: Don’t fear from the uncertain nature of life. Learn from it and enjoy it! .......... Theodore Roosevelt exemplified some of the fundamental traits of parenting. Being the President of the United States of America, it was undoubted that he always ran out of time. However, irrespective of this fact, he made sure that he spent time with his kids every day. It was a fixed routine that the whole family had breakfast together. Even in the summer of 1905, when Roosevelt was busy consulting experts on building the Panama Canal and preparing for peace talks, he still reserved t…

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आजकल अच्छाई का ज़माना कहाँ है?

एक बार करोड़ों की सम्पत्ति के मालिक ने अपने बेटे से कहा- 'आज मैं तुम्हें बिज़नेस के बारे में कुछ ज़रूरी जानकारी दूँगा। चलो मेरे साथ!' ऐसा कह कर पिता अपने पुत्र को कारखाने में ले गया। वहाँ पर एक 15 फीट ऊँची दीवार के पास ले जाकर उसे कहा-'इस पर चढ़ जाओ!' बेटा पिता के कहे अनुसार दीवार पर चढ़ गया। पिता ने नीचे से आवाज़ लगाई- 'अगर मैं कहूँगा कि नीचे कूद जाओ; मैं तुम्हें संभाल लूँगा... तो क्या कूद जाओगे?' बेटे का तुरंत जवाब आया- 'क्यों नहीं पिताजी... आप हैं तो मुझे किस बात का डर?' तब पिता ने सारी बत्तियाँ बुझा दीं। चारों तरफ घुप अंधेरा हो गया। पिता ने दोबारा पूछा- 'क्या अब कूद सकोगे?' बेटा- प…

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भोजन का प्राइम टाइम

आजकल व्यक्ति यूँ तो हर समय  सोशल नेटवर्किंग साइट्स पर मशगूल दिखता है। पर क्या आप जानते हैं, इसके बावजूद कई सर्वेक्षणों व शोधों के अनुसार साइट्स पर सबसे ज़्यादा हिट्स एक खास समय पर मिलते हैं। इसे सोशल साइट्स का प्राइम टाइम कहा जाता है। ठीक ऐसे ही, भोजन का भी प्राइम टाइम होता है। क्या? आइए, इसका उत्तर प्राप्त करते हैं व भोजन करने से संबंधित अनेक तथ्यों पर चर्चा करते हैं। 1. क्या आपके भोजन का समय निश्चित है? 2. क्या आप पूरे दिन में तीन समय भोजन करते हैं? 3. क्या आप चलते-फिरते अपना भोजन करते हैं? 4. क्या आप वॉट्सएप, टी.वी. या अखबार पढ़ते हुए भोजन ग्रहण करते हैं? 5. क्या आपका सबसे गरिष्ठ भ…

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मस्तक का तिलक

तिलक का मतलब ललाट पर लगी सीधी रेखा भर नहीं है। भारत में अलग-अलग आकार के तिलक लगाने का रिवाज़ रहा है। जैसे कि ज्योति के आकार में, अंग्रेजी अक्षर 'U' के आकार में, बिंदी के समान गोल या त्रिपुंड के रूप में! यही नहीं, तिलक के आकार के साथ-साथ उसके प्रकार में भी विविधता देखने को मिलती है। तिलक अलग-अलग पदार्थों से लगाया जाता है। कुमकुम से, रोली से, हल्दी से, चंदन से, भस्म से... हमारे यहाँ के वीर योद्धा तो कभी-कभी माटी से ही अभिषेक कर लिया करते थे। इन सभी प्रकारों के तिलकों का अपना-अपना महत्त्व है। आइए, इनके प्रभावों को जानते हैं। देखिए, यह है चंदन का

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