Akhand Gyan

Highlights of February 2018

किला फतह करने के सूत्र!

आइए, आज हम कुछ ऐसे प्रेरक सूत्रों को जाने, जिनसे हम अपने जीवन को सुखमय और सफल बना सकतेहैं। अपना किला तय करें जब कोई अनेक मुश्किलों को पार कर सफल होता है, तो अक्सरां यह कहा जाता है- 'वाह! इस व्यक्ति ने तो किला फतह कर लिया।' हम सब भी इस मुहावरे को अपने लिए सुनने की आशा में अथक प्रयास करते हैं। दिन-रात भागते-दौड़ते हैं। पर अफसोस! यह सुनने को हमारे कान तरसते ही रह जाते हैं। जानते हैं क्यों? इसका उत्तर पाने के लिए चलते हैं, लाइफ शो में- 'कौन बनेगा सफल व्यक्ति?' कम्प्यूटर जी, प्रतियोगी को पहला प्रश्न उसकी लाइफ स्क्रीन पर दिखाएँ। प्रश्न है- 'अगर हर किले पर चढ़ने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं, तो…

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उफ! ये वायरस!

अक्सरां कम्प्यूटर पर काम करने वाले लोगों को नए सॉफ्टवेयर डाउनलोड करने पर वायरस का खतरा बना रहता है। हो भी क्यों न, आखिर वायरस हमारा डाटा जो संक्रमित कर देता है। खैर, इन वायरसों से निपटने के लिए तो आज बाज़ार में अनेक एंटी-वायरस सॉफ्टवेयर्स की भरमार है। पर उन वायरसों का क्या करें, जिनसे इंसान संक्रमित होता जा रहा है? विश्व भर में इनका व्यापक प्रभाव देखते हुए, इन्हें 'टी-वायरस' की श्रेणी में रखा जा रहा है। इसकी पुष्टि इस तथ्य द्वारा भलीभाँति की जा सकती है। हाल ही में हुए, एक अध्ययन में वैज्ञानिकों ने पूरी दुनिया से 12 विश्वविद्यालय के छात्रों का चुनाव किया। इन छात्रों को मात्र…

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मार्केटिंग क्षेत्र से सीखें सच्चे गुरु की पहचान!

शापिंग! शापिंग! शापिंग!... अनलिमिटिड शापिंग! कुछ ऐसा ही ज़माना आजकल है। खरीददारी के असीमित विकल्प ग्राहक के पास हैं। इसलिए आज व्यवसाय की दुनिया में ग्राहक को 'राजा' का दर्ज़ा दिया जाता है। उसे प्रसन्न रखना कंपनियों का एक उद्देश्य होता है। नहीं तो ग्राहक किसी दूसरे विकल्प पर जाने में देर नहीं लगाता। मार्केटिंग के क्षेत्र में इसी धारणा को एक सिद्धांत के रूप में पिरोया जाता है। यह सिद्धांत है- 'Customer Relationship Management (CRM)' अर्थात् 'ग्राहक सम्बन्ध प्रबंधन'। इस सिद्धांत को तीन चरणों में समझा जा सकता है- 1. 'Acquisition' यानी 'अर्जन करना!' मतलब कि कंपनियों द्वारा आकर्षक योजनाएं बनाकर ग्रा…

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Salute to their Heroism and Patriotism!

“Not fair! Being a Project Manager, the prestige I am receiving from that so-called administrative officer is not justified”, said Mr. X, a software engineer and a Project Manager at a firm. “The ever- increasing work load has been working me into a frenzy and I am not even entitled to an air travel.” Mr. X was quite stressed and unsatisfied with the growing responsibilities and meagre advantages from the company. Even a lavish, air-conditioned, deluxe compartment of an express couldn’t calm his mind. Nevertheless, for surviving the long journey, he decided to utilize the time with his laptop and go through with the drudgery. For a small time, he was wrapped in utmost dedication and tranquillity, when he felt a pair of eyes sneaking at his laptop. Unnerved by the gaze, he moved his sight just to find a young, simple, and a well-built athlete-like personality peeking at his work. Before Mr. X could boast of his position and importance, that man enquired from him if he was from the software industry. Mr. X was already prepared with an answer with a snobbish expression on his face. He raised his eyebrows, breathed out the tediousness, and eased himself on the seat to proceed, “Yeah! You see, it’s not an easy task. Our thorough diligence and determination towards this profession has made the lives of people like you so easy. …Has anyone ever thought of the sweat and complexity involved behind the simple transactions coming on a sin…

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THEY Vs. WE- Who is better?

In the 18th century, Rene Descartes, a well-known philosopher and mathematician remarked- “Animals are just automata red-blooded machines without thoughts or wishes.” Now, in the parlance of the 21st century, if a remark has to be given about “human beings- the so-called advanced beings at the apex of the creation pyramid.” What do you think it would be? Perhaps, an enhanced version of the above statement, also encompassing the traits like feelings and emotions! In your perspective- animals or humans- which category will score more when it comes to care, concern, loyalty, understanding, selflessness etc. in relationships? To deduce the answer, just ponder over some of the startling facts mentioned below. … BENEFIT AT THE COST OF OTHER”S LIFE- YES OR NO An experiment was conducted in 1958 on rats. The set up was such that the hungry rats were fed only on the condition that they pull a lever which would risk the lives of their fellows. What do you think the hungry rodents did? Well, they ‘didn’t’ pull the lever even though it was in their interest! Yes, they have a sense of empathy for their fellow beings. A similar study came up with similar results in 1964 by Psychiatrist Jules Massetman. In this, the monkeys were supposed to pull a chain that on one hand delivered food, but on the other hand hurt another monkey. The surprise was that one monkey in that group did not pull them even after 12 days, and preferred to st…

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Can meditation have negative side-effects?

Just ponder… Climate change is so clearly apparent… the impact of increasing levels of CO2 is evident in the form of fast-melting glaciers… The joint statement of the International academies says: “Climate change is real. …from phenomena such as increase in average global sea levels, retreating glaciers, and changes to many physical and biological systems…” Yet, the intellectual fraternity, on the basis of logics, is totally divided into two segments: one saying that climate change is real; while, the other vouching for climate change denial, also categorised as- the ones in favour of “climate change scepticism”. A Global warming petition project is running these days, with 31, 487 American Scientists signed this petition, which includes 9,029 with PhDs. And the Petition statement goes as follows: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is … Just ponder… The world has witnessed the devastation caused by nuclear power. The story of ‘dynamite’ being used for exploding human beings more instead of trenching applications is a clear-cut indication for mankind to become alert! However, till date, the energy debates on the pros and cons of nu…

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