Akhand Gyan

Highlights of September 2018

आदर्श शिक्षक कैसे हों?

किसी ने खूब कहा है, 'सामान्य और सर्वोत्तम शिक्षक में अंतर सिर्फ एक प्रेरणा' का ही है और यह अक्षरशः सत्य भी है। जहाँ एक सामान्य अध्यापक सिर्फ जानकारियों को बाँचता है; वहीं एक सर्वोत्तम अध्यापक छात्र की जिज्ञासा को प्रेरणा रूपी पंख लगाकर ज्ञान के असीम आकाश में उड़ना सिखाता है। आइए, इस लेख के माध्यम से वैदिक आचार्यों के ऐसे ही कई मूलभूत गुणों को आज के परिपेक्ष्य में समझने का प्रयास करते हैं। अथर्ववेद का आरम्भिक श्लोक समय के शिक्षकों की विशिष्टताओं का बखूबी चित्रण करता है- पुनरेहि वाचस्पते देवेन मनसा सह। वसोष्यतेनि रमय मय्येवास्तु मयि श्रुतम्।।          …

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गुरुदेव का गणपति कैसे बना जाता है?

जब ईश्वर-दर्शन की प्यास बर्दाश्त के बाहर चली जाए... जब दर्शन पाकर, प्यास बुझने की जगह और तीव्र हो जाए... जब हृदय गुरु-महिमा से इतना भर जाए कि गुरु भगवान से भी बढ़कर नज़र आएँ... जब कंठ मुक्त स्वर से गुरुदेव की अविरल वंदना कर उठे... जब गुरु-सेवा जीवन का एकमात्र उद्देश्य बन जाए... जब गुरु के लिए इतना जी-भर कर जिया जाए कि मृत्यु होने पर अनासक्त गुरु भी विचलित हो उठें... तब? तब कहीं जाकर बनता है, एक गणपति शास्त्री! रमण महर्षि के इस एक शिष्य ने भक्ति की दुनिया में अनेक प्रेरणाओं की खुशबू बिखेरी है। शिष्यत्व की राह पर कदम रखने से लेकर मंज़िल को मिलने तक - गणपति की दीवानगी की हदों को जी भरकर तोड़ा है। अ…

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हे युवाओं! क्यों परेशान होते हो?

युवा! या कहें कि समाज का प्रतिनिधित्व करने  वाली सबसे सशक्त ईकाई! आप सोचिए, आपके मन में क्या विचार या विशेषताएं उभरती हैं, जब कोई कहता है-आजकल के युवा? एक जवाब हो सकता है- माडर्न, तकनीक-प्रेमी (Tech Savvy), तर्कशील, ऊर्जावान! वहीं दूसरा वर्ग कह सकता है-पथभ्रष्ट, दिशाविहीन व भ्रमित! परन्तु सज्जनों, शायद आपको आश्चर्य हो कि इसी श्रृंखला में एक तीसरा युवा-वर्ग भी है, जो आज भौतिकवाद से ऊबकर, सांसारिक पैमानों से निराश होकर, बनावटी उसूलों से परेशान होकर, अपनों के पराएपन से उदास होकर नए और सकारात्मक जीवन की ओर अग्रसर हो रहा है। शांति की खोज में, अपने अस्तित्व को पाने के लिए, अध्यात्म की तरफ कद…

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Corporate Wisdoms @ Akbar & Birbal

These days, people in the corporate world are in a state of paradox with respect to the working style. This paradox can be summed up by these two scenarios- Story 1... In a jungle, a race competition between a rabbit and a tortoise started. However, at the end of the race, the rabbit lost the competition. Why? Because the tortoise kept on walking all through the way while the fast running rabbit slept in the way. The crux of the story is- “Persistent hard worker wins the race.” Story 2... A donkey works day and night in a jungle but a lion sleeps in good amount. However, the smart moves of the lion make him the king of the jungle. That means the criterion of working hard didn’t reward the donkey to become the king of the jungle. Hence, this scenario says, “Work smarter rather than harder.” Reflect upon the above situations. Do you also find yourself in a similar state of fix when you go for a job? Some people say in office to work hard, while some say hard work doesn’t pay you these days. So work smart. Oh God! How should one work in the company or office? Here comes the big confusion!! Well, the confusion has a simple answer! Both the parameters are individually insufficient. ... ... The Hard and Smart Way is the optimum solution ... in the corporate work culture. What kind of employee should be hired by an organisation... Will you hire a person who is not willing to devote time and energy for the work and is neither creati…

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Kick Aside Obesity & Stiffness

With Yoga gaining popularity and becoming the need for the hour, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is also diligently contributing its services in spreading the importance of this ancient art of India. In line with this, here is a new portal, ‘The Yoga Way’ for all our readers, bringing an interesting case study this time. This case study will unveil to you the preferable set of asanas and pranayama, requisite to rule out the problem under consideration. The concept has been referenced from the “The Viniyoga of Yoga” by TKV Desikachar. Asanas refer to the positions we should practice to remain disease free. These are classified taking the spine as the reference point. On the basis of the position of the spine, the effect is obtained on the body. According to the position of the spine, the asanas can be classified into 6 categories as depicted below: 1. SAMASTHITI: Position of the spine: Upright/erect with back straight. Purpose: It assists in pranayama and meditation.   2. PASCHIMATANA: Position of the spine: The trunk bent forward towards the legs Purpose: To impact the abdominal region   3. PURVATANA: Position of the spine: The trunk curved backwards away from the legs Purpose: It rectifies the chest region which otherwise stoops forward due to a sedentary lifestyle   4. PARSVA: Position of the spine: The spine arched laterally on either side of the body Purpose: It loosens the sides of our body and giv…

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GOD Who, Where, Why, and When?

'God' and ' Mystery' - the two seem to have walked hand in hand for the minds and brains in all ages. No dearth of articles, speeches, discussions have sufficed and would ever be sufficient to unfold this mystery. Reason being, 'God' is the subject of 'direct experience,' as is unanimously pronounced by the wise ones and their writings. Time and again, attempts are made to flip through the aspects related to this vast subject. Let's add one more leaf to such plethora of attempts to decide the answers to the 'Who', 'Where', 'Why', and 'When' of God. Perhaps, these aspects can give us the ' much needed' push to move ahead beyond theories and aspire for the practical realisation. WHO’S GOD? In their book, " God: He is who He is," the authors, Marty Williamson and Bobby Linkous aptly project the situation in the present times in regard to this question-  'Who's God?'  They corrrelate the answer to the Subway analogy. If a person has to order a sandwich at a Subway, he can choose everything in its making as per 'his likes'...  be it the bread, toppings, vegetables, and other ingredients. Not just that! The person may keep changing his order one day after the other, depending upon the pattern of his likes and dislikes. The definition of God today also correlates to the "Subway Sandwich," which is customised by an individual as per his belief…

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