My Divine Experience - A New Lease Of Life

I, Ariza, the resident of U.K., am a Persian Muslim. I was blessed with the Divine Eye, the Eye of the soul, when I was initiated into Brahm Gyan (True Knowledge), by the grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder And Head, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan), on 21st May, 2005. Perhaps, that was the most fortunate and auspicious moment of my life so far, which unveiled before me the glamorous, mystical secrets of the inner world. When Divine Knowledge was bestowed upon me, my whole world was illumined with the effulgence of Divine, spiritual experiences and visions that I could behold by the grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Today, I consider myself profoundly blessed to receive the sewa (service) of sharing my same mystical visions with you, which may perhaps prove inspiring enough to infuse the same spiritual thrill in you.

The moment Guru Maharaj Ji's grace and blessings showered upon me in the form of Brahm Gyan (True Knowledge), my whole being was full of light and what I saw was a flower-shaped object that first got converted into the sun, with its shining rays enhancing its glory manifold, and then assumed the form of a flickering light, as if the flame of a candle. Thereafter, suddenly, a white bright light appeared before me; it seemed to me as if I had entered some brightly lit tunnel, right in front of my face. That light, then, became unbearably brighter and started dancing, assuming different forms, before me. I could even feel my eyes blinking. The movement of the light was getting vigorous, as if it was sparkling, thundering, and changing colours. Though it all seemed very overwhelming, but, by God's grace, I did not lose my concentration. All of a sudden, I found myself floating in that flood of light; it was cosmic and galactic, as if I was outside this world, perhaps, into the space with everything swirling around me; it appeared as if I was into a different time zone or time tunnel; not only this, this adventurous space flight was making me hum. It was at that point when I was asked whether I could see anything. I told that I was beholding the lustrous light with changing colours and that I was unintentionally advancing into that light-tunnel. I even revealed that it was that sudden flight into the light that was making me hum, which was getting more and more intense.

After that, I saw the flooding light coming from my left side; this was where a large-sized picture of Maharaj Ji was placed. It was like a huge light-ball, lustrous as a beam of golden bright sunny light, sliding towards me like a large meteoroid. That light-ball then exploded scattering all around me its tiny pieces that turned into dwarfish, little stars and crosses. A short while later, I beheld a cross and a man; as far as I could recognise, it was Jesus Christ with his hands, feet, and rest of the body nailed on the cross, as if crucified. All of a sudden, his face turned and he looked at me expressing his unbearable pain.

Then, I saw a triangle with a light-ball on its tip. I passed through it and heard a vibration, a music-beat; it was a beat of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It was a non-stop beat, slow in the beginning and getting faster and faster later on. Along with it, I could sense my heartbeat getting faster and faster. To my surprise, the beat was that of banging sticks of a Garbah dance, which I could behold a little later. I saw men and women performing the Garbah dance around the mother Goddess. The beating sounds of the sticks that I could hear started getting harder, faster, louder, and even closer and closer to me, as if approaching me. Then, even the floor beneath me started thumping with the beat of the sticks and the dancing steps of the people in my vision. It, then, became unbearable for me and I was about to swoon when I opened my eyes.

A short while later, I experienced seeing a shape of an hour-glass which turned into a whirlpool like a hurricane swirling in the sky; it was, as if, dark grey. Then, that changed into an hour-glass again with sand running through it. Then, about 10-15 feet away from me, I saw a tiger, which suddenly changed into a lion. A little time later, I saw a man in a sitting position; he was a half man with a fish tail.

Aforementioned is the vivid description of my divine, spiritual experiences that I could behold on the day of my initiation. It opened a new, brilliant, and unimaginable inner, spiritual realm before me. Here I would even like to confess that after being initiated into this divine and practical knowledge, my life and my very thought-process drastically changed. I could realise and sense many remarkable changes within and without me.

Along with portraying all my inner, divine experiences, I would also like to share with you one of the miraculous incidents that occurred in my life after receiving Brahm Gyan from His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. However, before that, I must tell you that I suffered from a back problem called scoliosis. The painful struggle with my back started when I was just 11 and it lasted till I was 19 years old. I had to wear a plastic back brace as my back was twisted with a double curvature of the spine. The misaligned and disfigured form that I developed was unknown and unrecognizable, and if anyone happened to look at me or my back, he would never think of my back being disfigured. But it was and no one knew how it happened to me; even doctors could not figure out the cause. In fact, I looked perfectly healthy, like an ordinary person.

When I was about 19 years old, I had an operation of my spine to correct the curves; a metal rod was inserted in a part of my spine to keep the spine straight. This operation left me with 36 stitches, leading to a large scar along the left side of my body. I had also been told that it would be very difficult for me to bear a baby in the future and I might even be wheel-chaired due to its stress and weight on my spine.

Now, after acquainting all of you with the painful struggle that I had to undergo, I would like to tell you about a miraculous vision I had a couple of months after my receiving the Brahm Gyan. This was on 21st July 2005. In the early hours of the morning, at around 6.50 am, I had a vision. No doubt, when I opened my eyes, I could not see anything, but when my eyes were shut, I could see everything vividly. I believe I was seeing through the centre of my forehead, my third eye. Before the vision, I had been doing Sumiran/Sadhana in my bedroom since 5 am, as from 5 am to 7 am is my usual time for meditating. It was about 6.50 am when I saw 3 big, strong shadows; they were hovering over and around my bed. Two figures, I call them angels, were towards my feet and the third angel was towards my head. The two angels towards my feet held my legs, one each, and they began to pull my legs. In the meanwhile, the third angel towards my head began to pull both my arms. I lost control of my body. I felt like my whole body was controlled by those angels. I felt that they were miraculously fixing my back. I could feel the knots in my back being untied and clicked in the right places, as if my entire body was being healed. I felt anxious and scared and did not want them to carry on with this treatment, as it was overpowering. While I was thinking thus, the angels suddenly stopped. It all happened so quickly and efficiently that, at that time, I could not realise and make out what was going on. But for sure, I felt so relaxed that I instantly fell in a deep sleep.

It was only when I woke up and got out of my bed that I started registering in my mind consciously what had happened. I noticed my bedroom windows and door were closed firmly. I normally leave my bedroom door ajar and my whole family is aware of my habit of not closing my door completely. But, to my amazement, on that day, even my bedroom door was tightly shut. Wondering how those figures entered my room, when I started getting ready for the day, I felt my back was healed through and through. I felt a new lease of life within me, as if I was reborn. I felt my back stronger, different, and completely healed.

I can't believe that I had this experience; it was more than something amazing, just inexpressible. All that I can make out is that it can only be the miracle of my Maharaj Ji, my God. I want to share this experience with everyone I know and don't know. Today, I am able to bend forward and touch my feet with my hands. Before this miracle-operation, bending forward was next to impossible job, as I have a metal rod inserted along my spine. But today, I can walk much straighter, and I feel I can work much more efficiently. I feel super strong like a superwoman with a brand new back. I feel extremely blessed and happy.

I have a great faith and hope that God is always so close to me that nothing can hamper or harm me. The calamities showing their faces now and then in life are mere lessons teaching and instructing us that if we can be diligent in these hard times, God will not fail us. God is always there with us whether it is our happiest, successful, or saddest time. As far as I remember, I see that I have had many successes, failures, bad luck, and good luck, and God has always been there with me. It is me who could never see Him even if I did want to. My selfishness, pride, ego, and evil within pulled me away from the truth, making me more sinful and ignorant of the omnipresent God.

O my revered master, Maharaj Ji, my God, I am highly grateful and obliged to you for beckoning me to reach your holy abode. I have no words to express my gratitude for your mercy and benevolence for granting me the divine gifts of God's inner, effulgent Light, inner Music, holy Nectar, and God's True Name, which you revealed within me by bestowing upon me Brahm Gyan. Your blessings in the form of True Knowledge and divine love and support have filled my life with God's intimate presence; it has made me realise my true self, enabling me to acknowledge all my faults and to better myself all the time.

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