Antardrishti Products have seen a rise in popularity across the corporate and hospitality sectors. Through initial days and volunteer support, Antardrishti has established itself as a brand in the minds of people becoming synonymous with welfare for the differently abled. During the Diwali season, supporters of Antardrishti project volunteer across the country by setting up stalls for sale of the unique products.

This year as well, hundreds of stalls have been set up in joint support from the centers of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Many 5-star hotels of Delhi organize Diwali melas to showcase Indian culture and tradition to tourists and make available a choice of quality products for the festive season. At many of the hotels including but not limited to the Taj Palace, ITC Maurya Sheraton etc. Antardrishti was provided free stalls by the hotel administration to support the initiative.

There was a very strong response from the visitors at the stalls who bought these products to use at home and give as gifts during the festive season.