Don’t Just Donate

At Antardrishti, our vision is driven by a conscious realisation of a human being’s right to a life of dignity, despite physical handicaps. We believe in the development of a benevolent society where differently abled individuals are not dependent on others for their sustenance or livelihood.

We believe that beggary is a curse. Not just for abled jobless, but even more for the differently abled, who have to overcome physical handicaps in order to get by in everyday life. When we give alms to the less fortunate, we make them dependent upon ourselves, or on society at large.

Help us live a life of Dignity

By giving alms, we aid in the creation of a stigmatic system, where the independence of thought is itself challenged. Neither do we realise the gravity of this social dependence, nor do we realise the shackles on the individual who is receiving such alms.

Antardrishti meaning “Inner Vision” motivates to introspect. We must investigate the depth of need before we pass out alms. Will they actually use the money provided to alleviate hunger? Or will it be used to fuel addiction to drugs and alcohol and further make them a burden on society?

Join Hands in this Noble Cause

At Antardrishti, along with full-time mainstream employment, we ensure all-round holistic character development of the individual, which enables beneficiaries to lead a dignified life of self-respect as a contributing citizen of the economy.

The proceeds generated from the sale of Antardrishti products are entirely directed towards the welfare and employment of the beneficiaries working under the project. Your purchases help us generate more opportunities of employment for the differently abled, and the packaging of every item communicates the message of Antardrishti. Thus, when you gift an Antardrishti product, you help spread awareness of this message and awaken society.

This Deepawali, Spread Light with Antardrishti


To look within and draw inspiration from the inner world; it is our life-sustaining force, both secular and spiritual.

Vijay Prajapati

People are assured that they are getting the essential products from a good and reliable source. Purity and quality of the raw materials is guaranteed. Profit motive is secondary for the Sansthan. But we are working in a competitive market, so the number of products should constantly increase. We also get training in handling such products and our skills will improve.

Ajay Thakur

Most of us are internally strong and with the blessing of Brahmgyan, we have become very strong. We are certain that some divine power is guiding and protecting us. From the securlar point of view, our sense of touch is our asset. Listening skills are good. God has denied us the sight, but compensated in some other areas of perception.


Join The Initiative

Your unfailing support, consistent motivation & endearing sympathy nonetheless play a crucial role in making this welfare initiative a success.