Our Mission

Antardrishti is a project that aims to motivate mainstream acceptance and opportunity for Differently-abled Individuals all over the World. We endeavour to remove dependence of individuals, so society is compassionate and provides for inclusive growth and development of all individuals, especially those limited by handicap.

What We Believe

We believe that it is the handicap of our own human mind, that neglects the inclusive need of differently-abled individuals, reducing them to a state of dependence, primarily driven by our own rush to accomplish selfish worldly pursuits.

In effect, we must realise the need of our fellow citizens of earth, their desire for a dignified life. We must take a step back to introspect, and include them in our growth story, for a holistic future of peace and empowerment.

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OPERATIONSand Project Management
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SPIRITUAL GUIDANCEunder His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji
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Make sure to connect with us through our official channels on social media. We are grateful to those who have helped take this noble initiative bigger, and spread the message to more people.

I submit to the call of my inner world and feel happy and contented to be associated with this project. To me, spirituality and work are alternative beats of the same heart. I am part of this initiative since July 2008.

Vijay Prajapati

Most of us are internally strong and with the blessing of Brahmgyan, we have become very strong. We are certain that some divine power is guiding and protecting us. From the securlar point of view, our sense of touch is our asset. Listening skills are good. God has denied us the sight, but compensated in some other areas of perception.


God has endowed us with some special qualities. Absence of sight does not restrict our working capacity much. We can do what is taught to us. Just see how effortlessly I can play the keyboard now. We can work on computer well. I always used to pray God, bless me with both, devotion as well as work.

Ajay Thakur

Dipped in darkness for an entire lifetime, all they seek is for an opportunity to reach out to you. Give them a chance, and they will create flames that will brighten the world around you.