Attaining Access to Sixth Sense djjs blog

Those of you, who have read The Bhagvat Gita, not in a ritualistic fashion but with a view to comprehend the eternal verities, will understand better the truth hidden underneath the word ‘Sixth Sense’. Some psychologists prefer to call it ‘clairvoyance’ or ‘clairaudience’. Some call it a ‘gut feeling’ in the common parlance. It is largely viewed as something extrasensory coming from deeper levels of consciousness or rare intuitive acumen possessed by blessed ones. It is also believed to be an occasional display of brilliance due to some karma of previous lives.

Unlike such occasional display of rare foresight, this can become a way of life for all, provided we follow the dictates of enlightened souls and realise our true potential. Human history is replete with instances of ordinary mortals attaining the state of super-consciousness, where the use of the sixth sense becomes way of life.

The following words (Chapter 11, Verse 7) from The Bhagvat Gita will show that all human beings are potentially destined and capable of attaining turiya consciousness – state of super consciousness. Lord Krishna says, “Whatever you wish to see, can be seen all at once in this body. This universal form can show all that you now desire, as well as whatever you may desire in the future. Everything is here completely.”

For this, one has to move beyond the five-sensory system, with which we see and experience the outside phenomenal world of physical objects. This is no mental concoction or reverie! It is real and can be experienced by all when a mystic makes one undergo trans-dichotomous experiences of innate divinity. All those who reached the zenith of human perfection trod upon this eternal path only. With practice and meditation on the transcendental form of God – the divine light, experienced through the eye of wisdom (Divine Eye) – both the mind and intellect are channelized into the Sixth Sense. For a person established in self-realisation, the use of sixth sense becomes frequent, and consequently, he reaches the level where he gets accustomed to its use just like other sense organs.

The Sixth Sense is not just an inborn instinct in some people to view their previous lives or even niche to experience vices of those souls which are wandering in the skies not having attained reincarnation thus far. It is rather a state of Divine Consciousness wherein a person directly and constantly communes with God and while remaining so immersed; he not only achieves the purpose of human life but also sees one essence in all things – material and immaterial. Such a one leads a life of continuous meditation; and to him, all is revealed by God, not just occasional outpourings of intuition.