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Innovation is a ubiquitous concept, which is not confined to boundaries. Essentially an intrinsic part of our daily lives, innovations have made their way in every nook and corner and have even left their imprint in the field of environment conservation. Indeed, we are in a serious need today to take every possible step, which can save the environment and restore the beauty of our mother earth that has been suppressed by human deeds. Otherwise, crazy humans, oblivious to the path of devastation they have taken to, will have to face the vagaries of nature one day.

Here we intend to underscore the use of innovative methods by some people or organizations who have suggested eco-friendly ways to care for the environment and make this earth a pleasant place to live in.

So let's make an insightful journey to their out of the box ideas.

ECO [email protected] TEACHING

Barren land turned into an oasis

Not a fantasy but it's a real story that illustrates the creative thinking of a teacher who used to teach in a small village school in Gujarat. You will be astonished to know that there was no greenery in that region, except the school and its surroundings. The school compound was decked with lush green trees. How and why it was so, here is the mystery decoded for you…

Actually, one of the teachers used to collect empty bottles of mineral water or empty oil tins found at petrol pumps. Sounds crazy, isn't it? But, it was a truly great idea which worked wonders! The teacher would give those bottles and cans to his students after cleaning them. He would ask them to fill those containers with water used by their mothers while washing dishes at home. He had also distributed saplings among students. The students were given the project to plant those saplings around the school and nourish them using that waste water. Consequently, the whole school campus became green and turned into a refreshing place.

Moral: Dear teachers, isn't it something unique to foster our relationship with mother earth? How about implementing such a plan in your school and motivating students to contribute selflessly towards environment protection? You can also undertake such a project by selecting a barren place in or outside your school and turning it into an oasis by channelling the potential of the smart learners of your school.

ECO [email protected] BUSINESS

Money making turned into enviro-caring

- Hey dude, what's up? It seems like you are betting big on your corporate projects.

- Yeah friend, of course. After all, that's what a professional like me positioned prestigiously in a top-notch corporate house is engaged with. The schedule remains jam-packed with business meetings, conferences and frequent tours. My sole aim is to secure a big turnover and earn goodwill in the market.

- Hmm, sounds interesting! But… What about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

- Oh! You rightly mentioned… I direly need to look at that dimension… The boss wants me to share some ideas and I am really getting no inspiration from within!

- Well, that's why I am here! Why don't you think over the different areas where you can pitch in to contribute in environmental conservation?

- But, boss wants me to think of something which goes in line with the setup of our office. And, to tell you the truth, I don't see any connection between our office and the environment at all!

- Hey! I didn't expect that demoralizing attitude from an enthusiast like you. Remember the simple mantra– 'Where there is a will, there is a way!' Ok, let me cite an example for you. A well-known clothing brand Levi's once came up with a brilliant idea. They introduced 'Eco Jeans' manufactured using 100% organic cotton, giving cool looks. Those Jeans also had a 'Plant Me' tag, which contained real plant seeds and mentioned the procedure to sow and grow them. The idea was thoroughly appreciated by all!

- Wow, that's really a wonderful way of appealing customers and ensuring mutual cooperation for the good of the society.

- Definitely gentleman.

- Thanks for such a beautiful inspiration. I will also now put on my thinking cap and ideate a creative way to serve mother earth!

Moral: Hi business tycoons! How about innovating an eco-friendly way to serve the earth through your business as well. It's an alarming call and we must not trample our mother earth in heat and craze of money-making. Let's think for the betterment of surroundings so that this world doesn't only remember us for the positions we hold but also for our selfless deeds meant to benefit mankind at large.

ECO [email protected] VOCATIONAL ARTS

Musical melodies become the tool of enviro-caring

From a young age, Aitan Grossman had an inner call to serve mother earth. But, was he too young to do so? Did he have adequate resources to do so? Was he equipped with the requisite skills? Well, once again the mantra goes– 'Where there is a will, there is a way!' His inner voice got a push when he read their Vice President Al Gore's message delivered through “An Inconvenient Truth.” A young child of 12, Aitan shirked the myth that he cannot do anything just because he was a kid and stepped forward to rock the world!

He formed a band with his friends, approached his music teacher to develop a record, and roped in his father to mix the tracks. A sincere effort infused the much-needed concern for mother earth in the listeners. The composition was titled as “One Hundred Generations” and was released on Earth Day 2009. Receiving almost 1,000,000 hits from over 100 countries, the effort has been honoured by the United Nations with a broadcast of the inspirational melodies to 5,000 youth leaders all across the world. You too can cherish the lyrics of the song… Here is an extract…



The air is getting warm,

My eyes are burning.

This is the biggest storm,

The tide is turning

I see the waiving wheat,

I see the redwood tree,

They wither in the heat.

What will become of me?

We must start learning now.

The sun shines through the clouds

And beams right on me.

I shall not put on shrouds

To weigh upon me.

Here comes the giant flood

And fifteen hurricanes.

I'll open flower buds

With the fresh air and the rain.


Hawk you fly into the wild.

I am like a little child.

You and I,

we share the same elation.

Rivers run down from heaven's hill,

Ever flow I know you will,

Lasting for 100 generations.


Moral: Dear kids and bigs! It's time to tickle your innovation to make a selfless contribution for the earth's rejuvenation. Come and pour in your creative ideas to make this environment clean and green.