Litmus Test for a True Master djjs blog

Q: I presently have a spiritual teacher whom I am very loyal to. What more DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan) can offer me that I may change my chosen guru? How can DJJS enhance my spiritual evolution?

S: The question is not whether you should change your present master. The question of consideration is, are you aware of the yardstick of a true preceptor or what he blesses the seeker with at the time of initiation? Holy scriptures have prescribed a litmus test for a True Master. Once you become aware of it, you yourself can decide whether you should go in for change or not.

As a spiritual seeker with a guide, you must ask yourself what you have achieved so far. According to the scriptures, has your spiritual guide initiated you into the Divine Light of God? Have you experienced the inner reverberating sound of God? Have you realized the unspoken Word of God? Have you been given a taste of the of the Divine Nectar present within the human body? Our scriptures offer the countless experiences of those devotees, who after coming under the shelter of a True Spiritual Master realized all these four aspects of divinity within themselves. Gurbani says, “If one meets with the Perfect Master, one’s doubts are shattered and cease the outgoings of mind. And then oozes Nectar out of the (mind’s) spring, one is attuned to the Music of Bliss and sees his Lord in his very home.” Only a perfect master who himself has experienced the glories of the Almighty can bless us with such divine experiences at the time of initiation and afterwards.

An inquisitive must search for the Master as per the indications of the scriptures for his spiritual evolution. That is what was done by Swami Vivekananda. He was a true inquisitive. To attain God, he went to the doors of many gurus of his time with just one question on his lips: ‘Can you show me God?’ None could satisfy his quest. He continued his search until he found Perfect Master Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, who bestowed him with the Direct Perception of God. Kabir Das Ji also states, Until I see with my own eye, I will not accept anyone as guru and follow his injunctions. What did he want to see? He wanted to see and experience the Supreme through the Divine Eye. That is why he said that he would not believe in any guru who cannot show him the Divine within. Many gurus simply talk about light, but only Perfect Master removes the veil of darkness and shows us the light within ourselves. If you have such guru, remain with him. If not, your quest has not yet reached the destination.