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Supreme devotion is the flow of thought towards the supreme source, God, the common essence of everything existing in the whole creation. Our scientific world reveals the secret of the whole creation and affirms that everything has emerged out of the common unified field. The unified field, being the source of everything is the common essence and can be called Pure Energy, Pure Consciousness, or God. And supreme devotion is the divine act of channelling our thought-flow towards the same. Where our devotion to the world, squeezing out our energy, leaves us frail and weak, our devotion to God revitalizes us while refilling us with new vigour and energy. Devotion to God is Supreme Love one can ever experience. It is true devotion and has eulogized as ‘bhakti’ by our religious scriptures. There are, basically, two different terms:

·         Bhakti and

·         Vibhakti

Where ‘vibhakti’ means to be apart from God, ‘bhakti’ is the communion with God. Bhakti makes one universal, while vibhakti segregates one. However, people often reflect upon, ”How can ‘bhakti’, which otherwise set us apart from the world, makes us universal?” The deep, latent import of ‘bhakti’ is communion with God, who is the common essence and source of all. Therefore, communion with the universally common essence, Pure Consciousness, which is all pervading and same everywhere, automatically brings us in communion with the whole world and, hence, makes us universal. In contrast, ‘vibhakti’ segregates us from God and, hence, the world. Though from the outward appearance you may feel that you are attached to the world around you, yet, in reality, you are far away from the same. For it narrows your vision, confines you to the bodily level, creates a world of difference, and, hence, becomes a cause of quarrels, strife, and friction.

Bhakti’ makes you realize that, the source of everything being the same, all are alike and there is no difference between men of different castes, creed, country, or race. Broadening the vision, it makes us compassionate for the whole world and thus helps in spreading of Universal Brotherhood. ‘Bhakti’ is the immaculate and superior most communion ever possible. It is the most chaste and has no match. It is the diet of our soul. Just as, to keep the body healthy and strong, there is a necessity of taking timely and healthy diet, even so, to keep the soul healthy and strong, it has to be fed with the healthy food. However, the food for soul is the communion with God. The communion with God, involving constant remembrance, makes a man all the more powerful while imparting him the spiritual power, thus making him strong enough to face all sorts of tribulations and responsibilities, whether physical or mental or spiritual.

One need not compel a flower to emit and spread its fragrance. Just create a conducive environment for it to bloom, and the fragrance automatically outcomes. Likewise, you need not compel or force yourself for devotion or true bhakti to spring forth; just make your heart conducive to it by letting a Perfect Master sow the seed of Divine Knowledge, which flowers into direct realization or perception of God, and hence, after the direct perception of God imparted by Sadguru, Supreme Love or Devotion or bhakti  can easily be cherished. For instance, if a young, unmarried girl is asked to love her would-be husband, whom she has not even seen, will she be able to do so? How can she love someone whom she has not even seen, met, talked to? Similarly, how can you love God without  perceiving Him in the inner chambers of your heart, the divine abode of God? It is only when by the grace of a Sadguru you are able to envision Him and His effulgence in your Heart that you automatically fall in love with Him.