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As per some research findings, one key could have saved 1,522 lives that were drowned in the maiden voyage of the “unsinkable” Titanic. Yes, one simple key! It all happened this way… the Second Officer David Blair was replaced at the eleventh hour by a more senior and experienced officer in handling such gigantic liners. While the ship departed, Blair forgot to hand over the key of the locker, where the crow's nest binoculars were kept - meant to keep a watch at the impending threats to the liner if any.

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Blair realised his mistake after the Titanic had left Southampton. During the investigation process, when Fred Fleet was inquired, he said, “Had there been binoculars, we would have detected the presence of the iceberg much ahead and steered the ship timely.”

Blair gave the key to his daughter Nancy, who, in turn, handed it over in the 1980s to the British and International Seamans Society.

Alas! Such a catastrophe resulted due to just one mistake of forgetting the simple key! Doesn't it mean that we should be more alert, even towards the “small” things, while we are discharging our duties?


In December 2005, Mizuho Securities Co., a division of the second-largest national bank in Japan, had to sell the shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. These shares were of a recruiting company, where in one share was to be sold at 610,000 yen apiece. However, while typing, one mistake occurred, and it led to something, which was no less than a 'financial' disaster! Yes, instead of the above, what was typed resulted in the sale of 610,000 shares for 1 yen apiece!

Alas! One typo resulted in a loss of $225 million to the company!! Does it not mean that we should not lose our attentiveness even for a small chunk of time?

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This incident took place in 1980, when an 18-yr old young boy, Willie Ramirez went in comatose state. At that moment he was rushed to a Florida hospital. The family members and friends, who were present in the hospital, explained to the doctors and the assisting staff the condition of Willie. However, they could speak only Spanish. There was a bilingual staff member, who translated and communicated as to what was told about Willie. At that moment, that staff person happened to translate “intoxicado” as “intoxicated.” Just 'one' word was wrongly translated and that was all!

Reason being, “intoxicado” relates more closely to “poisoning.” Although “intoxicado” resembles the word “intoxicated,” but, in no way it implies anything like intoxication from drug or alcohol use. Willie's family thought that their son was suffering from food-poisoning. On the other hand, he was the victim of intracerebral hemorrhage. However, what did the doctors do? Based on the word “intoxication,” which could also lead to the symptoms that were visible, the doctors put in their efforts in the direction of curing the problem of intentional drug overdose. Result? Willie was rendered quadriplegic, i.e. the one who is paralysed in both arms and both legs.

Alas! One mistake of wrong translation turned into a monstrous loss at both ends! While Willie lost his health, in fact, whole life only, the hospital had to bear the malpractice settlement of $71 million!

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In the same vein, when it comes to watchfulness in disposition of our duties, another incidence can be cited from the repositories of HSBC bank. This happened in the year 2009. In its branding campaign, the catchphrase used was - “Assume Nothing.” However, it was wrongly translated in several countries as “Do Nothing!” Just one wrong translation resulted in the total collapse of the project. It took $10 million to recover the loss in campaign rebranding.

Do these incidents not imply that we should be watchful of even the tiniest aspect of the responsibility we are assigned with?    

Where 'one' mistake can be disastrous; there, 'one' good deed can be immensely and magnanimously wondrous! Cherish some of the beautiful references of this 'one' as well!


Jonas Salk is credited with the title of “father of biophilosophy.” His one selfless contribution has proved to be a boon for the whole mankind today! How? Well, Jonas was the inventor of the Polio vaccine. Undoubtedly, this invention was in itself a big gift to humanity, for saving humans from getting trapped in the deadly disease of 'polio'. Besides that, Jonas did something else as well, that proved to be no less than a cherry on the cake. Why so? Because Jonas denied patenting his remarkable invention, just to keep its cost low and to allow the reach of the vaccination to all corners of the world. He gave up the big sum of 7 billion dollars, in order to save the lives of several millions of people!

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A severe nuclear explosion took place in the year 2011 at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. Of course, the nuclear radiations posed a grave threat to not just those who lived there and in that age… but, their cascading effect was also devastating! Can you guess what did the elderly Japanese men do in those hours of peril? Hundreds of them, majority of whom were retired professionals and engineers, came forward to volunteer the task of cleaning the plant. Indeed, that meant exposure to nuclear radiations and hence 'death'. Just read why they decided to do so… They said that they were not left with many years to live, in comparison to the younger ones who had their whole life ahead. Therefore, in order to save them and the generations ahead from the resulting cancer that could percolate with those radiations, they sacrificed their lives!

Indeed, their one deed of selflessness served as the life current for many thousands! 

Well, that's the power of 'one'! Perhaps, after going through these instances, we would be able to realise the cost of being careless and the reward of being selfless! Verily, this rule applies not only to things, objects, or situations. It also applies, rather, more intensely, on the subtle parameters of our existence as well.

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Yes, one mistake of not realising the Self while we are alive can result in plummeting us in the vicious cycle of birth and death.

One mistake of not identifying the Perfect Master of the time and the technique he disseminates can keep our Soul bereft of its goal for ages together.

On the other hand, one good deed of giving the message of “God-realisation” to even one inquisitive soul and helping him attain his 'true goal' can deluge you with the blessings and love of the Divine Lord!

One good deed of reforming yourself by sincerely adhering to the road of Self-realisation can make a big contribution in transforming the world at large! After all, the world is nothing but the conglomeration of we human beings only!