BODH collaborates and associates with industrial units, for the prevention of incidences of drug abuse within workplaces. This specially designed workshop focuses upon sensitizing wage laborers in small-scale industries on the ill effects of drug abuse, both individually as well as socially. Discussions and demonstrations are undertaken in dealing with their specific reasons of taking to use of drugs. In addition, another specialized version of these workshops is also organized to generate awareness among the educated corporate employees, who are equally engaged in drug abuse. Prevention of drug abuse within workplaces can be achieved only with the support of management. Hence, we ensure that first and the foremost; the management is enlightened on the ill- effects of drug abuse. In order to sustain the initiative, special trainings are organized for HRs and welfare officers so that they can further counsel and extend their valuable support to the employees. We have the following under this category:

  1. ‘DID I MISUSE’ Workshop
Sub Initiatives