These workshops not only provide relevant information regarding drug abuse, but also, work in enabling the students to deal with diverse pressures which lead them to experiment with drugs. Studies show that the common age of initiation into tobacco use is between 15-24 years. Therefore, student life is mostly prone to the threat of falling prey into drug abuse. They owe their vulnerability largely to peer pressure, academic strain, keeping pace with social standards, keeping in style and ever growing craving of thrill and adventure. And, limited knowledge about the hazards of drugs also adds into their vulnerability and leads them to making wrong choices.  These advocacy workshops include special sessions with teachers and management authorities of schools and colleges to give them the right information about drugs and drug abuse thereby, empowering them to consistently deal with the incidences of drug abuse.
This shall entail specific workshops, highlighting and addressing the ‘target groups’ which are vulnerable to drug abuse. It will consist of series of workshops with improved and engaged levels of involvement.


  1. Introductory Level - Ice- breaking and scenario building workshops
  2. Foundation level - Subject specific interactive workshops
  3. Advanced level - Engagement, re- orientation and prevention activities and interaction
Sub Initiatives