Bodh undertakes targeted campaign and projects independently and in collaboration with government and non- government organizations to work rigorously on specific issues of drug abuse within specific target groups.  These target groups of the campaigns vary from Schools, Colleges, Communities, Slums, Colonies and Corporate offices etc.
In which case, we cover almost every section of the society, in order for reaching out to maximum number of masses. The projects are, planned, developed, executed, monitored and evaluated, as per the requirements, available resources, regional and cultural peculiarities , other key points of observation, relating to the target area and according to the MOU points with the partner/collaborated organization. Each project executed, consists of the following activities, which are divided in different phases:

  1. Inclusion of various stakeholders through meetings, conferences and discussions.
  2. Volunteer mobilization drives
  3. Training of Trainers/volunteers
  4. Door to door Surveys
  5. Advocacy Session and workshops
  6. Regular Review meetings, field Visits
  7. Meetings with youth and Women
  8. Assessment and evaluation of the campaign
  9. Reporting and Analysis
Sub Initiatives