Divya Jyoti Ved Mandir

Divya Jyoti Veda Mandir believes and strives to help transform the world through the promotion and promulgation of profound ancient Vedic wisdom.

Vedic Wisdom is universal and belongs to all; it is a higher wisdom that has been gifted to the world by true enlightened Rishis of Vedic times. They wished that all on earth could experience their deeper purpose and live in harmony with each other and nature.

Keeping the great vision of ancient sages in mind, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan christened another non-profit, educational and humanitarian wing called Divya Jyoti Veda Mandir (DJVM) in New Delhi. Here, we believe to help transform the world we live in using the profound ancient knowledge of Vedic wisdom. This is performed through promotion and promulgation of Vedic Knowledge to the masses.

As a regular feature, we conduct Vedic chanting sessions and Yajnas at residences, educational institutes and several other locations. We even run a school in classical Sanskrit, perform peace marches and have associations with various other Vedic culture-vivifying bodies. DJVM even carries research on Upnishads, Vedas, Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and other ancient Sanskrit scriptures.

The result of these efforts is that, today, thousands of people, whether or not educated, are adept in fluent recitation of Vedic verses in Sanskrit, which are otherwise not easy to verbalize. They have even successfully learnt the art of coalescing knowledge of the past with their contemporary need.

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